Friday, January 28, 2011

Funny how I didn't read this in OUR newspaper..

It would appear that our constant complaints that our unsecured border was a avenue for jihadists to enter our country for nefarious purposes has been spot-on for quite some time. Said Jaziri, a hard line Wahabbist Imam from Tunisia who has been banned from both France and Canada for his calls for the death of Danish Cartoonists and other terroristic threats and jihadist activities and lying on immigration paperwork about his prison record in France, was found hiding in the trunk of a Mexican BMW trying to cross the border in California. What is ironic, is that he is not charged with a crime, he is being detained as a material witness against the driver of the vehicle which is charged with immigrant smuggling....

Thursday, January 27, 2011

He's "laser focused" on jobs...

...but first he has to take guns away from those crazy teabaggers!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Chose your weapons....

A friend of mine who has never owned a gun in his life, and has only shot one once approached me the other day about helping him decide on a weapons purchase. I'm going to take him and his wife shooting with a friend of mine and hopefully between the two of us they'll be able to shoot enough different kinds of weapons that they'll have a better feel for what they want and what to look for. The following is a slightly edit version of what I wrote to him yesterday in preparation for our trip to the range. I thought it might be of use to others as well:

Food for thought on selecting a weapon.

For a household protection weapon, I would suggest something like the Mossberg Maverick Shotgun as the ideal weapon type. It will hold 6 shells and it is mechanically simple and reliable. Shotguns will deliver devastating damage at short ranges and do not tend to "over penetrate" walls. This site shows the relative penetration distances for various weapons. A word about the proper shotgun shell to use for home defense: DON'T use bird shot for self-defense. Cheney used bird shot and the guy walked back to the truck. Use 00 buckshot, nothing less. The only real downside is you only have 6 shells to work with but that is a common problem with shotguns. A wise man once said that the purpose of a handgun is to allow you to fight your way to a long gun. The reasoning being that a long gun, be it a rifle or a shotgun, has an order of magnitude more muzzle energy than the biggest handguns available. The damage capability is not even in the same league as a handgun. The survival rate from being shot with a handgun in the center of mass is generally about 60%, but being shot with a long gun is almost always fatal (90%+) if the shot is even remotely close to the center of mass.

Now if you want something more portable and concealable you have a selection of semi-autos and a revolver to choose from. I personally would steer you away from "modern" Smith and Wesson guns. They have had problems in the past with their integrated gun locks (all manufacturers have had some issue or another, but S&W seems to have had the lion's share of problems.) causing the gun's action to lock up at inappropriate times (like when the hammer is back and the safety is off and the gun loaded!). MAYBE they have resolved those issues, maybe they haven't, but for a self-defense weapon, you want something that is going to go bang every time you pull the trigger (and not go bang when you haven't!). S&W used to be a premier brand, but ever since the sale back in the 80's (thank you very much Bill Clinton and the threat of product liability lawsuits against gunmakers that put them in the position of having to sell!) they have slipped IMHO. On the flip side, Taurus used to be a junk gun, but their quality has come way up in the last 15 years or so as evidenced in the prices being higher than S&W's. The Taurus Judge for instance is a nice revolver that can shoot both a .45 Long Colt or a .410 shotgun shell. Nowhere near as good as a 12 gauge with 00 buckshot but not THAT bad either. (I have to wonder how it gets around the ban/tax on "short barrelled shotguns" though, probably because it can shoot .45 LC as well.) but it has a decent kick too. In revolvers, light weight means more recoil (not true of semi-autos which use springs to eat up recoil.) so for a revolver a heavy gun is easier to shoot, but harder to carry and/or conceal. The mass of the weapon eats up the recoil through inertia. Choosing a gun is an exercise in trade offs. weight vs shootability vs concealability vs simplicity vs complexity. Everybody ends up with a slightly different answer. What works for me might not work for you, which is one reason why there are thousands of different gun designs available. And of course there is the fact that different guns are designed for different jobs, there is no cookie cutter, one size fits all gun for everyone.

IF you wish to get a CHL, there is an issue you need to bear in mind. In Texas, there are TWO different kinds of CHL lisences. One is for revolvers only, and the other is for both revolvers AND semi-auto's. The class is the same and the cost is the same, the only difference is to get the gen purpose CHL you have to qualify with a semi-auto. You have to qualify with a .32 cal or larger, but once you have your CHL you can carry anything you like (depending on the kind of license of course), but a .22LR or .25 is really at best a back-up gun. You won't put a man on the ground immediately with one unless you get real lucky. You might still kill him but it'll be a slow death and he would probably still have time and energy to kill you in the process. That said, many people ask "what is the best gun for self defense" and the answer is "the gun you have with you when you need it." if it is too heavy or too clunky and hard to conceal and/or carry you won't carry it consistently and that means you may not have it when you need it, so picking a gun that is comfortable to carry and shoot is EXTREMELY important. If that means only a single shot .22 derringer, it is still better than nothing. That just means you have to place your shots a HELUVA LOT BETTER.

That brings up one other point. Under duress, even trained police officers have only a 40% hit rate typically (hitting a man sized target at a typical shooting distance of 7-10 feet.). And that is just hitting the guy, not necessarily hitting him with a knockout shot. Now granted, they generally are not as well trained as your average CHL holder either believe it or not. They only have to qualify with their weapon once a year and most never go to the range or do any kind of tactical shooting practice except for their qualification shooting so they tend to be a lot less capable than people give them credit for (there are of course exceptions to this too). Not knocking cops or anything, but that is the reality of the situation. More often than not they are working two or three side jobs to keep a roof over their heads and they don't have time or the energy to go shooting as often as they ought to. CHL holders in general tend to be a bit more motivated to master their weapon so they tend to shoot a lot more than cops. It is also a case of familiarity breeding complacency. Another reason why cops tend to have more Accidental Discharges/Negligent Discharges than CHL holders too. So practicing with your weapon, and learning to use it in a tactical situation particularly (vs just standing still at a shooting bench and wailing away at a stationary paper target) is an important piece of the puzzle. This is a big reason why semi-autos are far and away preferred for CHL (but not the only reason, concealability plays a role too.). They have WAY more rounds in them than revolvers so you have a better chance of being able to put a round in the guy's wheelhouse when you have more shots to fire. Some people like revolvers and women tend to have less hand strength than men and sometimes have problems operating the slide on semi-autos (there are ways to deal with that though, it is a matter of training), and to each his own, but I would strongly suggest you think about that long and hard before you make an expensive decision you and/or your wife might not live to regret.

Friday, January 14, 2011

I really don't know why this surprises me anymore...

President Obama seems to have a pathological problem about lying. He lies even when there is no consequence for telling the truth. And the sad part is that it is so easy to spot when he does it. In this video, he very clearly and unequivocally states his father served in WWII. This is simply not possible. His biological father, Barack Hussein Obama Sr. was born on 4/4/1936 in Kenya which at the time was a British Territory. He would have been 5 years old when the war started and only 9 and a half when it ended. His Indonesian stepfather Lolo Soetero was born in 1935 so he was only a year older and was in Indonesia at the time. Snopes claims that he was really talking about his maternal grandfather. Sorry, I'm not buying that, Snopes just can't stop carrying the liar-in-chief's water.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

A word about the Strauss win.

OK, I did not want Strauss to win the Speaker race, but he won fair and square. I can hope that he governs Conservatively, but what is done is done. Now we must put aside our differences and make the best of the situation and try to get as much conservative work done as possible. If Strauss interferes with it, we know we will at least have done everything we could to prevent it AND we know who to blame for it for the next go-round. Small comfort I know, but you have to work with the cards you are dealt.

Monday, January 10, 2011

And so it begins anew.... Updated

Saturday, a crazed lone gunman who was angry at his congresswoman for not being leftist enough apparently showed up at a congressional "town hall" event and started blasting away with his Glock 19. He shot Gabrielle Giffords in the head, and 11 other people, 6 of whom died. One of them was a nine year old girl who wanted to grow up to be a congresswoman herself. Giffords survived and is able to respond to commands but how much brain damage she sustained is still a question mark. It is almost certain she will not be the same person she was before the shooting. few people who undergo even minor brain injury recover fully.

Before the congresswoman even went into surgery, some comentators on the left were already ascribing the shooting to "an angry right wing radical", this turned out to be nowhere near the truth. The shooter turns out to be a "crazy pothead" who appears to be schizophrenic and ascribes to far leftist views, spouting Marx and the communist manifesto. He was apparently also fixated on Giffords who he thought to be "unintelligent".

And before she even left surgery, gungrabber Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) is already talking about making it impossible to buy large amounts of ammunition and "large capacity" magazines and making it illegal for crazy people to buy guns. And another Dem Congressman is talking about restrictions on public speech that could be interpreted as threatening to federal officials. Of course that begs the question what exactly is the definition of "threatening"? or what is the definition of "high capacity"? or "large ammo purchases"? These people are not letting a good crisis go to waste. We need to make sure voices of reason are heard to counter their wild ideas.

It would appear that Sheriff Dupnik's office has had multiple contacts with this individual for making death threats against people, to Dupnik's bs about right wing hate speech is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover his arse. Apparently his office convinced everyone who was threatened to not file charges against him claiming "it would make things worse". Had he been charged, then it is probable that he would have had a felony conviction and would have been unable to buy the gun from where he did. OR he would have been involuntarily committed for mental evaluation. The failure lies with Dupnik's office.