Monday, January 10, 2011

And so it begins anew.... Updated

Saturday, a crazed lone gunman who was angry at his congresswoman for not being leftist enough apparently showed up at a congressional "town hall" event and started blasting away with his Glock 19. He shot Gabrielle Giffords in the head, and 11 other people, 6 of whom died. One of them was a nine year old girl who wanted to grow up to be a congresswoman herself. Giffords survived and is able to respond to commands but how much brain damage she sustained is still a question mark. It is almost certain she will not be the same person she was before the shooting. few people who undergo even minor brain injury recover fully.

Before the congresswoman even went into surgery, some comentators on the left were already ascribing the shooting to "an angry right wing radical", this turned out to be nowhere near the truth. The shooter turns out to be a "crazy pothead" who appears to be schizophrenic and ascribes to far leftist views, spouting Marx and the communist manifesto. He was apparently also fixated on Giffords who he thought to be "unintelligent".

And before she even left surgery, gungrabber Rep Carolyn McCarthy (D-NY) is already talking about making it impossible to buy large amounts of ammunition and "large capacity" magazines and making it illegal for crazy people to buy guns. And another Dem Congressman is talking about restrictions on public speech that could be interpreted as threatening to federal officials. Of course that begs the question what exactly is the definition of "threatening"? or what is the definition of "high capacity"? or "large ammo purchases"? These people are not letting a good crisis go to waste. We need to make sure voices of reason are heard to counter their wild ideas.

It would appear that Sheriff Dupnik's office has had multiple contacts with this individual for making death threats against people, to Dupnik's bs about right wing hate speech is nothing more than a smoke screen to cover his arse. Apparently his office convinced everyone who was threatened to not file charges against him claiming "it would make things worse". Had he been charged, then it is probable that he would have had a felony conviction and would have been unable to buy the gun from where he did. OR he would have been involuntarily committed for mental evaluation. The failure lies with Dupnik's office.


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