Monday, December 13, 2010

Is Steele Gone? Update: Not yet...

That is the analysis by Ed Morrisey at Hot Air. Apparently he has not made any preparations to run for a second term as RNC chair, and he is widely disliked due to his failures both in raising money and reaching out to the tea parties and other angry constituencies. RNC fundraising is tanking and has been for some time, despite the rise of the tea parties. WHY? Because those angry people have been donating (in record amounts by the way!) to individual candidates and causes, not to the RNC. The people have voted with their wallets and Steele and the RNC lost. Why? because the RNC failed to listen to it's grass roots and those roots decided they had had enough of being taken advantage of.

Now the big question is, who will replace him? THAT is the 64 Billion dollar question...

Well the word is that he will run for a second term, so we'll just have to beat him the hard way.


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