Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The moral bankruptcy of Europe is now complete, and we aren't far behind.

Some time back, I posted about a pamphlet distributed by the German government that encouraged parents to masturbate their young children. At the time I thought it an outrage that the German government would do such a thing, as did a number of other people as well. The German government, after being castigated and embarrassed publicly pulled the pamphlets. But of course, the moral depravity didn't disappear with the pamphlets. Today, the Swiss Government is considering eliminating the laws against incest on the grounds that only three cases have been prosecuted since 1984. Meanwhile here in the US, we have a Columbia professor, Huffington Post blogger, and of course liberal Obama supporter who stands accused of having a three year consensual sexual relationship with his adult daughter. AND HE SEES NOTHING WRONG WITH IT.


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