Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Obama's Iranian plan.

Obama has been sitting on his arse letting Iran build nukes while the public despair over his inaction (among many many other things) grows. But Obama has a plan, one that may well get him re-elected. He is hoping that he can whistle past the graveyard for just a little bit longer and get past the midterm elections before he makes his move. He's hoping he can make it to at least the end of 2011 before he has to put his plan in motion. The closer to the 2012 campaign he can get the better (for him). He plans on a "Wag the Dog" style assault on Iran, possibly in cooperation with Israel, or possibly unilaterally, in the hope of triggering a revolution in Iran. Meanwhile he will dump Biden and put Hillary in place as VP, which will assuage some of the anger by the Clintonistas who abandoned the Democrat party and almost threw the election to McCain. He's hoping that those two moves will get him over the hump on election day 2012.

Don't let him manipulate us into re-electing him, because you KNOW what he will do come January 20, 2013. He'll double down and pull out ALL the stops. After all, he no longer gives a crap about re-election at that point. And for all of you Clintonistas who might be persuaded to listen to him, Hillary will be the one left holding the bag when 2016 comes along. She'll get all of the blame for his pogroms and won't have a snowball's chance at the election.

The man never learned the lesson about not shitting where you eat.... And neither has the Democrat party, but then again, I'm not so sure the GOP has either.


Blogger Charlie Domino said...

The GOP hasn't. That's whey the American Conservative Party is here.

August 12, 2010 5:03 PM  

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