Monday, August 02, 2010

Is the House Ethics Committe Targeting Blacks?

That is the question asked by The Politico, and the answer is yes, they are, but not for the reasons that the Politico and the Congressional Black Caucus think. They are getting cause and effect confused. The reason why more blacks than whites are being investigated has more to do with the fact that for decades, blacks in congress had virtual immunity from prosecution simply because the race card was always played and the prosecution was abandoned out of fear of public opinion. Many congressmembers realized this de facto immunity existed and it emboldened them to partake in even more corruption. But the race card has been played so much so often during the reign of Obama that it no longer has any real force behind it. nobody fears reprisals as a result of it. Suddenly those who believed themselves above the law are being forced to answer to it and their crimes cannot withstand examination in the cold light of day. But being creatures of habit, they still don't grasp that the immunity of the race card has been stripped away, so they are attempting to play it once again. I predict that they will find that the race card has lost much of it's potency.

It would appear that Brian Garst agrees with me that there are other forces at work.


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