Friday, July 09, 2010

What is the most dangerous animal of all?

Claudus platyrhynchos

AKA The Lame Duck.

Congressional Democrats are about to have their collective arses handed to themselves in November by a very irate electorate, but they have a very nasty parting gift planned for all of us. A lame duck session where all of their Marxist dreams come true! Cap and trade? Check! Card Check? Check! Ratification of the UN Treaty on Small Arms? Check! Every single thing that the Democrats have lusted after will be on the table come November-December. In fact the only limitation to their socialist orgasm will be time. They will ram through everything they can and they will only hope that they can get everything done in just two months. In fact I would not be surprised if they extend the session all the way up to January 20th and work through Christmas and New Years to get as much of their evil agenda completed before the new congress is sworn in. The incoming Congress will spend much of it's first six months in office trying to undo much of what was done in the last two months of the session, but without a veto proof majority in the Senate, it will be difficult to accomplish that task. Barring the Republicans regaining a veto proof majority in the Senate (which is not mathematically impossible, but unlikely), the only hope is for the House and the Senate Republicans to be as obstructionist as possible and delay everything as long as possible. Do not vote to close debate, keep debate going as long as possible. Use every parliamentary maneuver possible to slow things down. They won't be able to stop everything, but hopefully they will be able to stop a lot of it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If they do that, I suspect they'll shift from lame ducks to sitting ones. The public is in no sort of mood to tolerate that sort (or any other, really) of shenanigans.

July 23, 2010 8:04 AM  

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