Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Name that Adverb!

You know the one I mean... The one the DemMedia keeps using when they are once again forced to announce yet another bleak economic report.... Yeah you know the word I mean. "Unexpectedly".

Well now they are using a slightly different form of the word, but it is still "unexpected".

Who is this idiot that doesn't expect more bad news out of this mentally retarded administration anyway? And why is it he is allowed to play with the big boy toys? Aren't they afraid he might hurt himself or others with those sharp edges?

The ONLY bright part of this economic meltdown Obama has given us is that it has driven home the abject stupidity of electing Democrats and RINOS. Like when you let little kids play with sharp tools, they invariably hurt themselves and make a mess of any and every piece of equipment they decide to "fix". At some point the adult has to come along and take the tools away and try to repair the damage.

I only hope the republic can survive until then.


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