Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Political Midnight Wranglers Updated

The Lege is about to try to pull a fast one by taking their sweet time. SB889 is scheduled to come before the House State Affairs Committee Monday. Here is what is going to happen. The committee will meet for an hour or so Monday morning before the legislative session begins and will then break so that the members can go into general legislative session. They will reconvene after the session has concluded late Monday night. The likelihood that they will get to this bill in the morning session is slim to none. Therefore, the bill won't come before the committee until late Monday night or early Tuesday morning. Nobody except paid lobbyists will likely be in attendance in order to testify. Odds are, the only testimony will be from the lobbyists from the school boards and the government entities that stand to gain from hiding their dirty little secrets from the public eye. Make sure the legislative aides of the members of the committee hear from you and make sure they know that we do not want it to pass. You and I cannot afford to give up our jobs to wait around all night to testify, lobbyists don't have to, but we can "testify" through their legislative aides. I encourage you to do so.

State Affairs Committee:

Rep. Dan Flynn Dist 2
Ashlei Leck

Rep. Byron Cook Dist 8
Beckey Moseley

Rep. Wayne Christian Dist 9
David White

Rep. Tan Parker Dist 63
Richard Dennis

Rep. Ken Paxton Dist. 70 (Vice Chairman)
Allison Slayton

Rep. Marc Veasey Dist. 95
Richard McPike

Rep. Jessica Farrar Dist. 148
Isaiah Warner

Rep. David Swinford Dist. 87 (Chairman)
Allison Scott

Rep. Corbin Van Arsdale Dist. 130 (Budget & Oversight Chair)

Apparently the Dallas Morning News agrees that there is something fishy going on.


Blogger Ride said...

You were exactly correct. They met for about an hour and recessed. I'm getting sick and tired of calling these people in Austin!!!! Really sick of it, because it's so obvious they don't give a rat's ass about the taxpayer!

However!!! They have until midnight May 10th to get the bill on the committee calendar, and I just don't see that happening.

May 07, 2007 1:01 PM  
Blogger Ride said...

Well - I watched the video feed for the wrong committee. I went back and listened to the committee for state affairs, but I could never find the spot where they talked about this bill. Maybe you'll have better luck. I got an email advising that the testimony will be resumed tomorrow. Sheesh!

May 07, 2007 2:20 PM  

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