Thursday, May 03, 2007

Narco-Terrorism, Money, and the Political Process.

Many people have asked "What in hell has gotten into our political leaders? Why are they rolling over on illegal immigration when the electorate is so clearly against it? I have a theory, let me explain.

In Politics, money is the lifeblood. You can have the best ideas in the world, but unless you have the money to invest in campaigning to win, you might as well just stay home. Special interest/lobbying groups raise such money and donate it to candidates in order to garner influence. It isn't technically a bribe, but let's not kid ourselves either, they are buying influence. I believe that the Narco-Terrorists have caught a clue and have invested heavily, using intermediaries, in groups that have their own agenda as to why illegal immigration should be allowed to flourish, in order to halt border enforcement so that their drug trafficking operations continue to remain ultra-profitable. Groups like MeChA, LULAC are obvious targets for these investments, but there are others, like the Texas Association of Businesses, purportedly a conservative group, have also succumbed to the siren song of cheap labor and lots of money to convince politicians to keep it coming.

And let's face it, Narco-Terrorism pays a heluva lot better than most any other industry out there, even the sex biz. But then again they are in that business too. and they gotta spend their money on something, might as well buy themselves some politicians. After all, it worked so well in south and central America. They have had quite a bit of experience in buying influence down there.

Next time some Republican From Dumas (or should that be Dumb Ass?) insists that the border fence cannot be built, you might want to track the money he's getting back to the source. I think you might be surprised as to where it REALLY comes from (he probably would be too!).


Blogger Thunder said...

You certainly tell it like it is...

Take it one step further and go to the Texas Ethics Commission website. Check out the campaign reporting forms as to who donated what amount of money. Ever wonder why so many lawyers and law firm PACS donate so much money?

Think for a minute... Who do the drug runners and drug importing organizations pay to get them out of trouble?

Who donates the money to the people that hire the prosecutors and Department Of Justice lawyers?

Who donates to the criminal District and appellate judges in Texas?

Have you ever heard the term:

May 04, 2007 7:29 AM  

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