Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Paige Patterson gets it.

The head of the Southern Baptist Seminary says that if students ever find themselves in a position of being confronted by a killer like Cho that they should attempt to overpower him instead of waiting to be shot like sheep.

Paige Patterson, president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, made the comments at an April 18 chapel service, two days after Seung-Hui Cho fatally shot 32 people before killing himself.

"All you had to do was have six or eight (students) rush him right at that time and 32 people wouldn't have died," he said. "You don't let things like that happen, guys. We just don't do it."


Blogger michilines said...

A simple lock on the inside of the classroom door would serve the same purpose, in addition to negating the need for anyone to die.

April 25, 2007 8:17 PM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

Perhaps not. What if the person is already IN the classroom before he pulls the gun? Simple solutions to complex problems do not exist.

April 25, 2007 8:42 PM  
Blogger michilines said...

So, in your latest post, the simple solution is to allow people to have concealed handguns on campuses, in classrooms, right? That guarantees an increase in the probability someone gets shot.

April 29, 2007 11:20 AM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

How so? Please explain your logic. Unless you mean that the guy that is going to go on a rampage is going to be shot, but you see, I do not see that as a problem.

April 30, 2007 7:43 AM  
Blogger michilines said...

Clearly you have never had a problem with any teacher ever.

If you have, and you had a gun, and you got angry enough to use that gun, then it is left up to who has the surest shot or the quickest draw.

I piss people off -- deservedly or not -- to know that if students, faculty or anybody had a gun on campus -- I would be toast.

If that is what you want -- and you very well may want that -- so be it.

I'll never carry or own a gun.

I guess you should just shoot me now and be done with it.

April 30, 2007 11:00 PM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

Yes I've had problems with teachers, but you see, I have NEVER, EVER, even CONTEMPLATED shooting them over it. FIRED? Sure, several times, but never shot.
If you are so good at pissing people off (and I admit, you do seem to have the knack), perhaps the problem lies with YOU. You need to stop assuming everyone else is an asshole and start realizing the asshole in question is yourself. An armed society is a polite one. Perhaps if you realized that a lot of people you come in contact with on a daily basis ARE armed (and yes, quite a few ARE), you might just learn civility. It would be welcomed by all I'm sure.

May 01, 2007 12:20 AM  
Blogger michilines said...

So this is where the anger comes from -- these comments. I piss people off when I don't give them a free ride. Students piss each other off as well -- far more than I do. Students generally have problems with me at the end of a term, usually after having done nothing to progress their education. You can get yourself in a twit trying to psychoanalyse me over the internets, but per usual this is all just comments on a rinky-dink blog.

Also, sweety, I have lived in this state my entire life. I know how to get along with people who may have guns, but seriously, guns have no place in a classroom. Your chosen governor may try to make you think he's with you. You'd be fooled again though.

May 02, 2007 1:04 AM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

Your troublesome students are probably already armed, therein lies the problem. Even in "good schools" like Klein, kids are hauled off campus for being armed every day. And NOBODY is talking about making it legal for a 16 year old to carry a gun, you are building a straw man argument. I'm talking about YOU or your fellow TEACHERS and ADMINISTRATORS being able to carry a weapon.

Stop trying to confuse the issue because it won't work.

May 02, 2007 8:05 AM  

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