Monday, April 30, 2007

Trouble in the Ecosystem. Is it due to Al Gore's Carbon Emmissions?

I have been a "Flippery Fish" or even a "Crawly Amphibian" for some time, suddenly, overnight, I have dropped to "Insignificant Microbe" and I do not know why. My traffic is about the same, if anything, it is up a bit. I'm getting hits from all sorts of interesting places of late. So I am forced to conclude that either there is something gone awry with the ranking system at NZ Bear's joint, or there is some sort of blogburst going on that I am apparently unaware of that is skewing the results. Either way, I think that the ranking is going to go buh-bye, it serves no purpose and gives people an inaccurate indication of the impact of my writing. After all, as I said, I'm getting hits from some very influential places and organizations, many in and around Austin. They may or may not like what I have to say, but they are seeing it, and that is of course the first step. They either agree, or they are afraid others will.

UPDATE: in perusing others that are similarly reduced to single celled organism status I find I apparently have some interesting company. Some other "Insignificant microbes":

Clayton Cramer
Anti-Idiotarian Rottwieler
The Volokh Conspiracy
Daily Kos
Democratic Underground

I'm not saying I hold a candle to Instapundit (I Wish!), but obviously the wheels have fallen off the wagon here.


Blogger michilines said...

You righty-tighty types get way too worked up about rankings.

Check NZ Bear again. Perhaps the *Victory Coalition* preoccupied that bear.

April 30, 2007 10:17 PM  

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