Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Why I am thankful to live in Texas

Sunday night in Uniondale NY, on Long Island, a man and his cousin were confronted by 5 gangmembers in his driveway, he runs inside his house, grabs his AK-47S, tells his wife to call the cops and goes back outside where his cousin is still being harrassed by the gangbangers. They are told to leave, they decline to leave and instead commence to start saying things like "you are dead" and "we are gonna kill your family" and other terms of endearment, about that time 20 more gangbangers come around the corner to assist their comrades. Instead of leaving 25 dead gangbangers on his lawn as he truly should have, he fires four warning shots into the dirt. Personally that is four rounds he might have needed if you ask me. But within minutes the cops arrive and they arrest the homeowner, no not for the gun, that was legal, but for reckless endangerment. Yes, the Nassau County Police arrested the homeowner for protecting himself.

In Texas, at night, if someone is on your property and you feel that your life is in danger, you have the legal right to blow their shit away (Texas penal code section 9.41 and 9.42). There is none of this proportional force crap, or "duty to retreat" (Section 9.21) crap here. This guy needs the Joe Horn Medal if you ask me.


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