Thursday, September 02, 2010

Yet another Obama Gun Ban

There are about 850,000 M1's and M1 Carbines that are in South Korea's inventory. They were given to South Korea during the Korean War by the US Military. South Korea would like to re-import them back to the US and sell them as Antique and Curio firearms. Since they were given to the South Korean Government by the US Government, the re-importation must be approved by the State Dept. Originally that approval had been given, but it has since been withdrawn and nobody will say why. If you ask the State Dept, they refer you to BATFE, if you ask BATFE they refer you to the Justice Dept., if you ask the Justice Dept, they refer you back to the State Dept. 'Round and round and round the finger pointing goes... but nobody will give an actual reason for the re-importation ban. And the State Department spokesman's comments, that they are looking for alternative means of "disposing" of the weapons would imply that they are wanting to destroy the weapons instead of allowing them to be sold. These weapons are of strong historical value and are highly prized by collectors as a result. These are also the types of weapons sold through the Civilian Marksmanship Program of the Department of Defense.


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