Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The real crime.

Jurors rightfully threw the book, the bookmark, and the bookshelf at the woman who apparently in a drug fueled pique at her husband, mutilated her male child's genitals. Unfortunately, the real crime is that medicaid, which the child is currently insured by, considers genital reconstructive surgery "elective". Therefore this child will grow up with a distorted sexual identity and constant ridicule and shame as a result of being defenseless and in close proximity to evil incarnate. This is what Obamacare has in store for all of us: one size fits all health care rules compiled by some government paper pusher that have absolutely no relation to reality. I grieve for this child. He will never know what it means to be physically intimate with his wife, or to father a child of his own, or even the pure godlike pleasure of sexual release. And to heap insult upon injury, this child will grow up with constant ridicule. How that will affect his sexual maturation is anyone's guess, but there is a strong possibility that one possible result is homosexuality, another is sexual passivity or sadism. There is evidence that the brain may need sex hormones in order to fully mature and to maintain mental acuity once mature. Either way, a one size fits all rule will ruin this boy's life for every hour of every day he is alive.


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