Saturday, August 15, 2009

Achtung Baby!

I'm off (some would say a lot) to visit the Deutschland for the next two weeks. So if things slow down a bit around here it's because I'm off ruining my diet swilling German beer and ogling Frauleins. If finances permit I may take a short side trip to London as well. Can anyone recommend sights to see and/or things to do while in Dusseldorf or London?

I expect the libtards to start in with the NAZI analogies in 3...2...


Anonymous mike k. said...

well, i just got back from germany in early june, spending 16 days over there. what a great trip. we did the castle tours in Heidleburg, trendleburg, spent 2 nights in this castle. 700 years old, with 20 ft walls...wonderful !
i would recommend you take lots of digital pics, as i shot over 1400 pics at 10mg resolution. bring a spare battery with you each day. the countryside is gorgeous. do the ICE train over to munich, see dachau...there is so much to do. went went by train over to amsterdam, spent the night there, and did the windmills out in the countryside. simply amazing..
drink lots of water, good luck finding plaine oldfashion water..
best of luck, and pace yourself..

August 16, 2009 11:44 AM  

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