Saturday, May 12, 2007

Missed Opportunities at NHMCCD

Dr. Richard Carpenter, current President at the Community College of Southern Nevada, and current recipient of an anonymous smear campaign against him was one of three finalists in the search for a replacement for John Pickelman. The Las Vegas Sun reports that he was recently evaluated at his current job and got very high marks, despite what Ms. Littlefield has reported in the past. But apparently instead of choosing Dr. Carpenter, Scuttlebutt has it that Dr. Diane Troyer, current president of the Cy-fair Campus since 2000, and former president of the Tomball campus from 1996 to 2000, will be getting the nod on Wednesday at 6 pm. So instead of a dynamic leader that has cleaned up a bunch of corruption and expanded the enrollment while cutting costs, we'll be getting more of the same.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's hope this does not happen....

May 12, 2007 6:11 PM  
Blogger Ride said...

Will the District be getting more of the same scrutiny if Troyer is promoted up the ladder as they have in recent months? They missed out on the $250 million bond referendum, but took emergency measures to take out a $30 million dollar bond anyway. What message does that send to the community that was adamently opposed to the May 2006 Bond? Does anyone even know those measures were approved at the last Board meeting?

Last night over a billion dollars worth of ISD bonds were approved by communities all across the Houston and surrounding areas.

Does that send a message to NHMCCD?

Probably not.

Pickelman was forced out and if Troyer messes up, she'll be history, too.

We're watching you NHMCCD!!!!!

May 13, 2007 5:38 AM  

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