Saturday, August 13, 2005

Air France decides not to take the (Air)bus, Air Canada doesn't either.

In a SHOCKING display of intelligence, Air France has chosen to buy 5 Boeing 777F Cargo variants with options on 3 more to replace thier fleet of aging 747-200F's. Air France already has a fleet of 777-200ER and -300ER aircraft, this will enable them to simplify parts inventory and minimise the number of aircraft types pilots and mechanics must be trained on as well since all three aircraft share many parts and subassemblies. The first of the cargo variants is scheduled for delivery Q4 2008.

Previously, Air Canada chose Boeing 777F's, 777's, and 787's to renew thier long haul fleet.

The 777F can fly 4,965 Nautical Miles with a full payload making it the longest range freighter on the market. It also has the lowest trip cost as well.

It is significant that these contracts went to Boeing, and not Airbus. Both carriers have historically been virtual automatic sales for Airbus. Airbus is a government owned corporation, since France and the UK are both socialistic countries, the company does not have to pay for health ins., or retirement plans, and since the company is on the public dole, it does not have to make a profit. The fact that given all those economic advantages, Boeing STILL won the contract is downright amazing.


Blogger Pigilito said...

I can only imagine the sort of political pressure Chirac and company put on the Air France brass to try to steer the contract to Airbus.

France is on a prolonged losing streak these days, what with the new terminal collapsing in Paris, the EU referendum being voted down, and the loss of the Olympics to arch-rival London.

August 14, 2005 5:42 AM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

So, where will they hold the shooting competitions since the UK has such a bug up thier arse about guns? NYC had a similar problem woth their bid, as did Sydney Au.

August 14, 2005 5:52 AM  
Blogger vidtech said...

Bashing Airbus is always nice, but should also rely on facts. Airbus shareholders are EADS 80% and BAE Systems 20%
EADS is listed on the Frankfurt, Madrid and Paris stock exchanges. 34% of shares is widely distributed among public shareholders, 30% is owned by DaimlerChrysler, 30% by SOGEADE (French state), 5,5% by SEPI (Spanish state) BTW SOGEADE is only 50% French state. So much for being government owned.
Now as far as being on the public dole or whatever ?? you should perhaps study this document:

Interesting to see that EADS is a Dutch company, mind you the Dutch government has nothing to do with EADS. They pay income taxes and claim substantial amounts of money for retirement plans. Not having to make a profit? You're wrong on that one also. EADS is a company that can only survive when shareholder value is properly fullfilled. Anything else would mean desaster with more then 70% being privatly owned, and traded on the international stock markets.
Last but not least you're comment on not having to pay for health insurance. What led you to beleave that such is the case. I can only imagine that you think the way US companies provide their employees with insurance could/should be identical with EADS provisions. That is not the case. The majority of EU health insurance on country specific national health systems. Most of these systems rely on an income related contribution. Think of it as a kind of tax that everybody has to pay, and is deducted each month from gross earnings. (This explains the vast difference between gross and nett income in EU countries as compared to the US) So, no EADS does not pay in a direct sence, but then again that how the system works over here for everybody including EADS.

Just my five cents.

September 20, 2005 7:43 AM  

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