Monday, July 18, 2005

Hermann park should have an R rating

Back on Memorial Day, I took the kiddoes and one of my older daughter's girlfriends to the zoo. Of course, parking was completely insane, HPD had Golf Course Drive closed so I ended up over on Fannin, headed north towards town. I was going to enter Hermann park by turning in by The Natural Science Museum. When what do the eyes of my 11 year old daughter and her friend see sitting on the bench at one of the train stops? A bum with his pants down around his ankles. He's sitting at the stop directly across from the water fountain park where all the little girls play. HMMM. We quickly try to distract my 4 year old before SHE sees it too. So we finally find a spot in a parking lot just south of the museum. It is on the diametric OPPOSITE side of the park from the zoo. We have to walk past the reflecting pond to get to the zoo. halfway down the side of the pond there is another bum laying on his back on the wall of a set of stairs about 50 feet off to the right (facing the obelisk) in a sleeping bag of some sort (he obviously lives there), with his hand in his pants very obviously playing with himself quite vigorously. Luckily my older daughter is deep in conversation with her friend and does not notice, if my younger daughter noticed, she didn't say anything. My wife was so intent on putting one foot in front of the other (it was REALLY hot that day if you recall) she didn't notice either. Now why in hell do we allow these bums to live in this park? Worse yet, why do we tolerate this sort of behavior? I mean for chrissake, I see two bums partaking in obscene behavior in under 20 minutes! Where in hell are the cops? Standing around making sure nobody drives on Golf Course drive.....


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