Friday, April 23, 2010

Look for the Union label, then Vote the bums out! Updated

The Lone Star College will be holding it's trustee election on May 8th. There are three candidates which are being funded by and supported by the American Federation of Teachers, which currently infests the College district. The same union which also funded ACORN AFTER it was shown to be suborning tax evasion and criminal activity. The same union which has been accused of using college (and taxpayer) owned facilities to support other candidates and bond elections.
The three "Union Approved Candidates" are:
Linda S. Good
David Barnham
and Margaret Cox

I encourage you to go vote on May 8th, and make sure NONE OF THESE CANDIDATES WIN!

I am told that there is a fourth union supported candidate as well, Dr. Elizabeth Jensen

The Sample Ballot can be found here:

Red Ink: Texas Endorses the following

For Position 5
Gail Stanart

For Position 6
Bob Wolfe (incumbent)

For Position 7
Dr. Richard Campbell (incumbent)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

If one reads the web sites of the 4 pro union candidates, they all sound pretty good, except for a small problem. They all vow to have a tax freeze, tuition freeze and yet want to fire 40% of the Adjunct faculty and replace them with full time UNION member/dues paying personnel. This will require a massive tax or tuition increase as you can't just flip a $35.00 per hour instructor to a full time $90.00 per hour person and pay that out of thin air. Where will the money come from? And who wants a 50% tax hike?
I know we have problems, but this Obama like thinking of "change" does not play her at all.....

April 23, 2010 1:03 PM  

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