Sunday, March 14, 2010

Illegitimacy cometh

Ladies and gentlemen, up to now, congress has only flirted with illegitimacy, but Nancy Pelosi and her ilk are about to attempt something wholly unprecedented in the 234 years of the existence of this nation. They are conspiring to pass a law that is wildly unpopular by an illegal maneuver that makes the law itself illegitimate. Our constitution and political process is faced with a threat that was wholly inconceivable by the framers of the constitution and is therefore ill-equipped to address. That is of a rogue majority in congress conspiring with a rogue (and illegitimate!) executive branch. These actions are a conspiracy to violate the constitution of the United States and is therefore High Treason (I've been told this does not meet the technical definition of treason, but if it isn't treason, what in hell is it?). However, in order to prosecute such treason, a majority of Congress must indict the accused and impeach them. But since the majority of congress are themselves conspirators in this crime, this is impossible to achieve. The checks and balances of our constitutional form of government were predicated upon the concept that any attempt to overthrow the government would come from a minority faction. Defeating such an attempt through non-violent electoral means is therefore not possible. But the Framers were smart men. They left an all-purpose escape clause in The Constitution, that escape clause is the second amendment. If Pelosi succeeds with this illegal maneuver, there will be only two ways in which this may be fought. The first is in The Supreme Court. The court will have original jurisdiction and will be in a position to grant certiorari. In this, the Republic may be lucky. The current makeup of the Supreme Court would appear to be stacked in the Republic's favor, at least for now. The Supreme Court would be in a position to order the law null and void and the maneuver illegal. Whether they would then be in a position to hold the offenders to account for it, is a question mark. The law is silent on this point from my reading. But the question then becomes, if both the majority of congress and the Executive branch are in collusion, who would enforce such a judicial ruling? This brings us to the other way in which this may be fought. That comes down to the citizenry itself. In this, I am not quite so sanguine. The American people have become soft and complacent. The tea parties have been a welcome image but I question if even that large of a movement would be enough to overcome the inertia.

I despair for the Republic. I fear the future of the United States, if such a future even exists. Is insurrection the only answer?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Another option might be something just short of secession. The federal government has been trampling over state rights for a long time; some states are taking small steps to reassert their rights.

Wyoming has passed a law to tell the ATF to bug off regarding the sale of guns manufactured in the state. Virginia passed a law saying their residents could not be forced into a contract to buy services from an insurance company.


March 17, 2010 5:26 PM  

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