Friday, November 20, 2009

Klein residents, you were warned!

Last year, Klein ISD had a a bond election. Klein ISD did everything in it's power to ensure that the bond proposal passed, it got it's "foundation" which is really nothing more than it's in-house cheerleaders to mount a campaign insisting that no tax increase would be required for service of the debt. They then also promised the residents in KHS's boundaries that they would be getting a brand new school to replace KHS which was to be bulldozed and rebuilt. and of course they held THEIR election at different polling locations from LSCS so that someone would have to attend BOTH polling locations in order to vote on everything.

Then, when it looked like the bond proposal was not going to pass, it would appear that they made sure that a couple JBC's disappeared for about 48 hours, when they were "found", lo and behold the bond measure passed by virtually the same margin that it HAD been losing by. The ratio of yes to no votes was completely upside down and much larger compared to the rest of the district. And when some residents went to file a lawsuit challenging the election results due to possible vote tampering, they discovered that Vinson and Elkins had already been hired to obtain a summary judgment allowing the bonds to be issued immediately regardless of the outcome of any lawsuits that might arise only 2 days after the election was held. The missing JBC's had not even been found and tallied yet! The law allows 30 days to file a challenge to an election, so the declaratory judgment, while legal, circumvents the 30 day filing period and makes it basically moot. Their felonious actions would never be prosecuted as a result.

Now the promise to KHS residents for a new HS on the original site appears to be about to be broken, they are now planning on building a new KHS at a new site and using the old KHS as an admin facility. And the promise that they would not need to raise taxes? That promise is about to be broken as well.



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