Thursday, October 29, 2009

John O'Quinn Dies in Auto Accident

I have received reports that John O'Quinn died in an auto accident this morning on Allen Parkway. No word yet of any other injuries, I will update as information becomes available.

It is confirmed. O'Quinn and another man (most likely his driver) lost control and hit a tree in the median of Allen Parkway this morning around 8 am, killing both men (as well as the tree).

Update II:
I am told that O'Quinn was driving at the time and his driver was actually the passenger in the vehicle. Both died at the scene. No explanation has been given for why O'Quinn was driving, he usually does not drive. He is known to have his driver sit in the parking lot all day with the engine running in order to keep his black Suburban cool so that he can jump in at a moment's notice to go anywhere he liked. The speculation is that he was driving because he was late for a hearing and his driver was being too cautious for his liking.

Update III:
I have been able to confirm that O'Quinn was NOT in pursuit of an ambulance at the time of the crash. I am told that apparently moments before the wreck, O'Quinn had just gotten off the phone with Judge Benton. He had apparently lied to Benton telling him he was at Hobby Airport, when in fact he was apparently rushing to get to Hobby Airport where Southwest Airlines was holding a plane traveling to San Antonio waiting for him. I suppose however it is also possible that Judge Benton misheard him and O'Quinn was saying he was on his way there. I am also informed that neither of them were wearing their seat belts. It would not surprise me in the least if the cell phone call actually precipitated the loss of control. These factors (speeding, cell phone use, no seat belt) would complicate any insurance payouts to the families of the deceased. It would be ironic if the family of the deceased driver has to sue O'Quinn's estate in order to collect. Isn't karma funny like that?


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