Monday, June 29, 2009

Michael Jackson's kids

There is a report on a tabloid website that indicates that Deborah Rowe made a statement that Jackson was not the biological father of the children that Jackson has been raising. Given Jackson's obvious lack of masculine development over the years, there has been widespread speculation that Jackson may have been emasculated as a child to prevent puberty from changing Jackson's voice and thereby extending his career as a child singer. Joe Jackson's actions over the years and rumors concerning his verbal and physical abuse of Michael would tend to support the theory that Joe may have ordered his youngest son's emasculation as a means to milk his child's career for as long as possible. The practice of emasculating child singers is a long standing one. Such eunuchs were usually emotional wrecks which stands to reason given that they were denied the ability to ever truly grow up. Michael Jackson's fixation on never growing up and his fixation on children, especially male children, would further reinforce the speculation that he was not a man in the biological sense of the word. There is strong evidence that indicates that sexual trauma during the pre-pubescent developmental stage is a leading causative factor in the development of both homosexuality as well as pedophilia. What worse sexual trauma could one do to your child than to emasculate him, especially if the child knew you made the conscious decision to do so and suspected it was for your own ends? If this is the case (and the autopsy results should prove that out if they ever were publicly available)then one could make a strong argument that Joe Jackson should not be allowed within 100 miles of these kids.


Anonymous KLT said...

wow I never knew there had been rumors about this so far back. I wondered that myself one time, but then I wasn't sure since his brothers all have high voices too, and sound similar to their I figured I better not speculate. (I will be so upset if thats true, though!)

But you brought up an interesting point on this topic. Awhile back when I was working as a biofeedback technician, one of my clients was an older gentleman who had testicular cancer and needed to have both testicles removed due to it. He told me that he went through almost the same emotional upheaval and extremes as a woman going through menopause. He said he would cry all the time for no reason and became extremely sensitive and emotional (even more so than his wife!) His doctors explained prior to the surgery to prepare for a period of adjustment since it can be quite traumatic for a man.

July 02, 2009 7:08 PM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

KLT, what is not widely appreciated is that the most sensitive tissue in the human body to sex hormones is not the genitalia or reproductive organs, it is the brain. The human brain is sexualized in utero, and is constantly bathed in sex hormones, even in childhood.
There is a famous (or infamous) story of a boy twin who was severely mutilated during circumcision such that he had no penis at all. The doctors convinced his parents to emasculate him and did what they could to form female genitalia from the remaining tissue. They then tried to raise him as a girl but he never identified as a girl and was not attracted to males nor did she play with "girl" toys. the Psychologist, who subscribed to the theory that boys are girls with penises and girls are boys without them, Dr. John Money, even reportedly took to having him look at pornography and even encouraged the twins to commit incest (Money denies this). He eventually was told by his parents that she was in fact a he and he undertook a long and tortuous surgical journey to reconstruct his genitalia as much as possible, started taking testosterone injections, and to live as a man. Unfortunately, he also suffered from depression and he eventually committed suicide.

July 02, 2009 8:45 PM  
Anonymous KLT said...

That poor kid...sometimes the acts of violence perpetrated against other human beings is so horrendous that I can barely handle even knowing about it.

Probably the only thing worse than a forced 'surgical' castration is one thats inflicted by an angry mob...which I found out happened right here in America to one brother in my religion back when FDR was in office. And that was only one of many other gruesome atrocities. It got so bad that Eleanor Roosevelt and Francis Biddle actually had to make a coast to coast radio broadcast on June 16, 1940 to try and stop the mob beatings & attacks in many states. Even that wasnt enough to stop the violence because it went on until 1944, and many times the local authorities not only knew about it, but even participated. I'm gonna write about it on my blog coming up...sorry to veer off topic...anyway being castrated like that (which I'm sure included his entire genitalia and no anesthesia) has to be the worst of the worst. It makes me cry knowing any human could be capable of something so evil and violent, especially against their own neighbors.

July 03, 2009 3:44 PM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

KLT, here is another article you might find enlightening.

July 06, 2009 10:41 PM  

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