Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Greasing the slope......

When the push started to make same sex marriages legal a few years ago, many conservatives made the argument that if we open up the marriage definition to include same sex couples, before too long, we would be faced with calls for the legalization of polygamy, incestuous marriages, marriages between humans and animals, marriages between adults and children.

And of course the gay marriage crowd insisted that would never happen....

Well, Guess what...


Anonymous KLT said...

Well its almost official...this country might as well rename itself "Corinth" since I pretty much get a major deja vu feeling whenever I read about that ancient metropolis and their lifestyle, compared with ours now.

how bout you? Notice any parallel similarities?

"The city of Corinth was literally the crossroad of the world where the north-south trade routes intersected the east-west traffic. It thus became one of the most dominant cultural centers of its day: materially prosperous, intellectually alert, and morally corrupt. Even in the pagan world the city was known for its moral corruption. ("Corinth" came to imply licentiousness; korinthiazesthai, to "Corinthianize," meant to live in debauchery.) It was Hollywood, Las Vegas, and New York all rolled into one."

I guess its no suprise why 2 whole books in the Bible are entirely devoted and specifically addressed to the people living in that city...with Paul needing to counsel them repeatedly on topics related to marriage & legal matters, among others.

May 12, 2009 6:15 PM  

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