Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Don't just do something! Stand There!

There is something that Pilots are taught that is an important lesson for everyone, but especially for politicians. When you have no idea what the best course of action is, your best option is often to do nothing. Often crises come along and the electorate scream for the government to "Do Something!" even when nobody is really sure what that "something" should be. Back when the banks were failing before the election, many people insisted that the best course of action was to let the banks that had made poor decisions fail, and let them go into recievership and let the healthy banks buy up the assets. The pain would be short and resolve quickly. But no, Bush decided that he had to throw money at the problem and McCain agreed. That was the thing that clinched McCain's defeat in my mind. Then comes along Obama and he has done the same thing, but many many times bigger and faster. He no longer has a money catapult, he has a money Gatling Gun.

Again the voices of conservatism spoke of restraint and letting the market fix itself. Nobody listened. We told everyone that would listen (and many who would not.) that the market would correct itself and the recession would end before the end of 2009. Obama and his ilk insisted we had to spend 3 trillion dollars of our great grandkids money to fix the problem. The voices of reason insisted that we could not borrow and spend our way out of this crisis, but Obama and Reid and Pelosi refused to listen. So here we are today, halfway through the second quarter of 2009. We have yet to spend the lion's share of the "stimulus" money. Bernanke now says that the recession is now nearing an end and that the economy should be in positive territory by year's end. JUST AS WE PREDICTED IT WOULD. We have time to turn back and prevent the indentured servitude of our great grandkids. All we have to do is repeal the "Stimulus" or as much of it as we can, because if we allow this to move forward we will be throwing the country into a much deeper and longer lasting DEPRESSION.


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