Friday, April 17, 2009

Ron Paul is NOT the Taxpayer's Best Friend

At Wednesday's Tea Party Downtown (Photos will be posted later) it was clear that a number of the speakers were huge fans of Ron Paul. He was constantly being lauded as "The Taxpayer's best friend in Washington DC" but here is the real truth of the matter: In total dollars, Dr. Paul was the second largest procurer of earmarks of all Texas Congressman. Sure he voted against the Porkulus bill, but only after it was clear it was going to pass anyway with all 21 of his earmarks attached, to the tune of $75,175,750. The only congresscritter that outspent him was a Democrat named Chet Edwards from CD17 who spent a total of $117,926,271 on 55 earmarks. This is why voting history can be so misrepresentative of a legislator's true motives. Dr. Paul is not a fiscal conservative, he is a spendthrift and he is spending YOUR MONEY TO DO IT! Anyone who tells you different is either lying or doesn't know a damned thing about what he or she is saying.

It doesn't matter what letter is behind your name, if you are spending my great-grandchildren's fortune, you will be kicking cans in 2010 if I have anything to do with it.

Special Thanks to Charlie Domino, National Secretary of The American Conservative Party for compiling the data. (Correction: Charlie informs me that he did not compile it, one of his volunteers did.)


Blogger Charlie Domino said...

You gotta move fast to beat SJL to a camera or a pig trough, but Ron managed it. Another so-called conservative: Ted Poe. He came in 8th.

Then there's Kay Bailey, and her 106 earmarks for $152,859,250. Little things like street extensions in Harlingen, a new building for the Food Bank here in Houston, and $1,385,000 for "Designing Foods for Health."

Say what?

April 17, 2009 3:19 PM  

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