Sunday, December 28, 2008

Shades of Kelo Part Deux: Ed Wulfe Edition

Back in March, many of the blogs about town noted the incongruity of the city condemning a tiny (.09 acres!) plot of land for the construction of a "pocket park" when there was a much larger park only two blocks away. Adding to the controversy was the fact that The Collins brothers (the original owners of the property) were in negotiation with Ed Wulfe & Co for it to be included in the BLVD place project. Apparently negotiations broke down. Enter The City of Houston. The city condemned the property and seized it using Eminent Domain with the stated purpose of building a park on the property. The Collins brothers are suing and are trying to force the Mayor and CM Peter Brown to give depositions, they of course are fighting that. Why would they be subpoenaed? Well, it seems Ed Wulfe is a major contributor to Bill White's campaign, and Peter Brown's wife is a major investor in BLVD place. To date, no plans have been made by the city to actually do anything with the park, perhaps because the BLVD Place project is currently on hold.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

They basically admitted their guild. A $1.4 million offer and the city takes it for $438,000. A summary judgment is in order, along with jail time for White, Brown, Holm & Wulfe

December 30, 2008 5:59 AM  

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