Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Enforcing food safety = Slavery.... NOT!

Black Cultural Council President Jo Ann Davenport-Littleton complained that two Odessa Health Inspectors told the group that they could not serve some 600 or so BBQ sandwiches at a Juneteenth rally because they were not made on site but instead had been made in volunteer's home kitchens instead of in a licensed and inspected food service facility.

Gino Solla, the county's top health official, said state law prohibits any food service operation from having food prepared in a private home for public consumption.

Well, apparently Ms. Davenport-Littleton does not think that the law applies to her because she is BLACK by God and you may NOT tell her that the law applies to her!

"I hate that it happened," Davenport-Littleton said in a story for today's edition of the Odessa American. "I wanted people to go away talking about how great the celebration was this year. All you heard was 'They were going to deny us barbecue. Here we are in modern-day slavery again.' "

The council, which has contracted with an individual to prepare the food offsite for the past 11 years, was eventually able to serve the sandwiches Thursday after police were called to the center and a "heated" argument with the inspectors, the newspaper reported. The group is demanding an apology.

Solla said he won't apologize.

"We have to be aggressive when the public interest is involved," he told the paper. "If there was any kind of forwardness and if it was perceived as rude, that I'll apologize for. But when it comes to public health, I don't think I have any apology for that."

EXCUSE ME? You've violated the law for 11 years, and someone finally notices and tries to shut you down for violating the law and you have the unmitigated gall, the audacity, to try and claim it is SLAVERY? Were you BORN stupid or were you dropped on your head as a child?


Just how many race cards are there in that deck anyway?

I'm going to speculate a bit here, but I'll bet that I'm pretty close to being right.
They've been using the same "contractor" to make these sandwiches for 11 years. Anyone want to bet this contractor turns out to be a friend or relative of Ms. Jo Ann Davenport-Littleton? Anyone want to bet that there was a second bidder for the job, one that DID have all the proper permits and inspections? One that was underbid by this preferred bidder? Anyone want to bet that this losing bidder anonymously dropped a dime on the scam to the health department which is the very reason why the inspectors were there to begin with? What do you want to bet that the "Black Cultural Council" consists of Ms. Jo Ann Davenport-Littleton and no one else, or perhaps a handful of her close personal friends? These sorts of organizations have a tendency to be rather incestuous and I would not be surprised in the least that this isn't fallout from a power squabble amongst the players.


Blogger Sally said...

organizations have a tendency to be rather incestuous

It seems to me your speculation is right on the mark. I'd like to expand your thought, to organizations in general. I say, incestuousness has contributed greatly to the vast morass of unresponsive, unreliable, incapable departments we have, in government today. Hiring relatives and " who you know" does not get us the best and brightest. It gives us mediocrity.

June 28, 2008 10:29 AM  

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