Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Incest for Fun and Profit Part IV: NHMCCD Is An Internet Hosting Company Now?

I was told something quite interesting this afternoon. Seems the NHMCCD chapter of the American Federation of Teachers isn't the only organization using NHMCCD servers for their own use. It would appear that the Tomball Chamber of Commerce is ALSO utilizing college district servers to host their website. Note the domain name nhmccd.edu in the link, A whois search for tomballchamber.org turns up no record, but there is a website called aboutus.org that DOES have a record for them. And it lists a "related" link to guess who! nhmccd.edu! Now, I'm not at all familiar with www.aboutus.org, but the list of "related" sites seems interesting, although I'm unclear as to what constitutes a "related site" with them. Alexa DOES have a record for them. I have submitted a TXPIA request for information regarding the hosting of these two websites on District servers. If I learn more I will pass the information on. But meanwhile I have a few questions I would really like answers for. Who authorized this? How much is the Chamber of Commerce or the Union paying for this service? What are the liability issues if the website gets hijacked and starts spreading the Storm Worm or starts hosting Child Pornography or Pirated Music or Movies? What happens if such a hijacked site manages to infect the entire NHMCCD network? Who pays to clean up the mess? Who pays the lawsuits arising from it? And finally, who else is using NHMCCD servers for their own use? The head of the Tomball Chamber of commerce, B. Allen Fletcher, has announced he is running for Corbin Van Arsdale's seat. Would this hosting be considered a political expenditure? If so, isn't that illegal?


Blogger Jean said...

I'm very glad you asked for open records on these issues. I think you raise very valid questions and I just wish more people were digging a little deeper and demanding answers as to why the district thinks they can get away with anything they damn well choose to do. They skate on very thin ice at times and one of these days they're going to lose. I hope that guy who filed the lawsuit against the district wins! He won't, but it sure makes for interesting reading!! I can't wait until I get a chance to sue the SOBs. LOL.

October 16, 2007 7:08 PM  
Blogger Thunder said...

So why are taxpayer dollars being used to support union activities?

Seems interesting that now there is proof that they are accepting and utilizing public funds for Union activities....

October 17, 2007 7:56 AM  

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