Saturday, December 03, 2005

The Myopic Chron Eye for the Death Row Killer Guy

Kevin and Anne over at bH often point out the Chronicle spouting the Hearst Corp party line about the death penalty. They call it Chron Eye for the Death Row Killer Guy because it always takes the form of extolling the virtues (or making some up if the piece of human feces has no virtues of his own) of the miscreant. This is no different than what was done about Reuben Cantu except there is one difference. They pounced on the fact that one of the key witnesses has recanted his story after the execution took place (see this story, and this one, and this one, for some background).

Mind you, nothing that had been entered into evidence at the time of his trials and appeals convinced anyone he was innocent. And even now, the only real "evidence" that he was innocent is an uncorroberated statement by someone who perviously insisted he did it. Now, was he lying then or is he lying now? During his trials and appeals, there would appear to be no indication that he was anything but an honest witness. The Jury obviously believed him. and the appeals court didn't throw out his testimony on appeal. So, a trial judge, a grand jury, a trial Jury, and umpteen jillion state and federal appeals judges all looked at the case and let it go foreward, I really don't know what else anyone could have done to ensure his guilt or innocence.

Some would try to make this out as proof that the death penalty is too final a sentence and it should be abolished. Certainly this is the position of both the Chronicle and it's parent company. But I ask you, had the sentence been life in prison (which in Texas means 40 years at the time of his sentencing.) he would still have served a very large percentage of his sentence already if he were released today which is impossible because he would have to obtain and work his way through another appeal, thereby extending his time behind bars that much more. Would he have had much of a life then? He would have lost a third of his lifetime behind bars. He would have had a record, would have not been employable, and would probably have found his way back to the prison system in short order.

Am I sorry a possibly innocent man died? Certainly I am. But innocent people are killed every day by people whose motives are far less pure than those of the justice system. Who will speak for thier lives? Who will avenge thier deaths if we do not? Who will ensure that those who have no regard for human life never have the opportunity to take another? We the people will in the form of our justice system.

Which brings us back to Juan Moreno, the witness that waited until Cantu was dead and buried to change his story now has his turn in the barrel. The DA is now seeking charges against Moreno, now those would not be perjury charges, they would be MURDER charges. That my friends is what I call Kharmic payback.


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