Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Some words you cannot spell without the UN (Updated)

Unprincipled, Unethical, and most importantly UNAMERICAN!

(Hat tip Sacred Cow Burgers for the image)

Lou Minatti points out that the UN is conspiring with the EU to steal something that the US built, at no small expense and graciously ALLOWED the rest of the world to use for free. Yes I'm talking about the internet, or should I call it by it's true name, DARPAnet and MILnet, seeing as how that is who built it.


This is just rich, NOW the EU wants to keep record of all of it's citizen's phone calls and e-mail traffic too. What do you want to bet they want to keep track of your surfing habits too? Obviously this is the REAL reason they want to run the internet.


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