Tuesday, October 04, 2005

GOM offshore (Katrina) damage heavier than initially thought (update #5)

My information is sketchy at the moment, I do not have rig or field names or operators yet. When I have more I will update this thread. As of right now, I am hearing that 7 rigs are adrift but thier locations are known, 5 are missing, and 3 are listing with the possibility of sinking. (and of course there is the PEMEX rig that was in drydock in Mobile AL. that floated away but it really doesn't count. It was not online anyway, it was being refitted.)

Ok, here is the rundown I've managed to get information on so far:

Diamond Offshore's Ocean Warwick jack-up rig was initially reported as missing. It has been found damaged, washed up on Dauphin Island Alabama 66 miles off station. No one is aboard yet.

Ensco 7500 deep water semi-submersible was listing by 4 degrees when reboarded, but power has been restored and the rig is now trim and being inspected.

Ensco 29 platform rig sustained significant damage, but has not been reboarded yet.

TransOcean's Deepwater Nautilus working under contract to Shell is adrift but being tracked by locating beacon.

Another rig under contract to Shell, Sedco 445 is also reportedly adrift.

As I learn more, I'll update accordingly.

More info trickling in:

Newfield Exploration's Main Pass 138 production platform appears to have sank.

Rowan's New Orleans is missing and presumed sunk. That would make TWO New Orleans that are underwater... Sorry, couldn't help myself...

And the Ensco 7500 was adrift BEFORE the hurricane struck it, apparently a towline broke and they were unable to reconnect before having to evacuate ahead of the storm.

Finally Shell Mars TLP took a whoopin'. the topside is in pretty bad shape....

photo courtesy of rigzone.com

Update #3 (9/1/05 10:23 CDT)

The Coast Guard is saying a total of at least 20 rigs are either adrift, damaged, or sunk. The only one mentiioned by name that I haven't already mentioned was the Noble Drilling's Semi Submersible under contract to Shell, Noble Jim Thompson that was drifing 17 miles from it's station. At least one offshore gas pipeline has ruptured and is burning where a rig used to be. Most of the refineries that were shut in on the gulf coast survived with minimal damage but are still shut in due to lack of electricity. The 3/4 of a billion barrels of oil that the president released from the SPR might not make a whole lot of difference, if you can't refine it, having crude is not all that helpful.

Update #4 (9/2/05 12:22 CDT)

Here are more casualty reports:

Noble drilling's 306D Platform was lost. It was producing 410 Barrels a day of oil equivalent before shut-in.
Noble's 3 south pass platforms had damage ranging from minor to severe. Thier Ewing Bank platform had minor damage.

Shell's West Delta 143 platform was damaged and equipment fabrication to repair it is underway.
Cognac was also damaged to an unknown extent, and Ursa is being inspected now.

Apache really took a beating. They lost 8 production platforms: Main Pass 312-JA, South Timbalier 161-A, South Pass 62-A and B, West Delta 103-A, B, 104-C, and 133-B. For a total loss of 7158 Barrels of oil and 12.1 MCF of gas a day. That's gonna leave a mark....

W&T Offshore had significant damage to processing facilities on thier South Timbalier 229 production platform.

Pride International #210 in WD-73 had a damaged Mast and related equipment. They are trying to decide whether to repair it, or to replace the platform with an idled one.

Nabor's Supersundowner XII rig was lost when the platform it was working off of was lost. I have no information as to which platform that was.

Helmerich & Payne rig #210 was the one that was working off the Shell Mars TLP noted as being damaged before. It is the mast you see in the picture above.

And an update on the Transocean Deepwater Nautilus, it's mooring system is damaged, 3200Ft of riser was lost, as well as part of the subsea well control system that was hanging off the riser.

Finally, Diamond Offshore has another Jack-up that has drifted ashore, The Ocean Voyager was nine miles off station and aground when located.

Update #5 3:43 PM CDT Oct. 4 2005

here are a couple links to more data and analysis:
Global Insight link #1

Global Insight link #2


Blogger ttyler5 Editor said...

I've geard we've got something like 20 rigs missing.
Do you have an up-to-date count?

September 05, 2005 4:45 AM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

The latest word I've heard from the Coast Guard was 30 that had been either damaged or lost. A lot of those originally classified as "missing" have been found adrift. I don't have a complete list, but the ones listed above are a good percentage of those. Let me know if you know of any others and I'll include them in the next update.

September 05, 2005 1:19 PM  

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