Friday, February 11, 2011

Thoughts on Egypt

Let us be clear from the outset, Mubarak was a ruthless dictator. No question about it. But Egypt is not like the US either. They have very real internal security issues to deal with. That is a not insignificant fraction of the population which is in favor of a unified Arab Middle East lead by the Wahabbist/Shiite arm of Islam. Egypt made peace with Israel many years ago after having it's arse handed to it many many times by the Jews. Under that situation Democracy becomes very dangerous. It is said that Democracy is two wolves and a sheep deciding what is for dinner, and true democracy is the fastest road to anarchy yet known to man. Our own founding fathers had a very justified fear of true democracy, which is why we do not have a democracy in this country, we have a constitutional representative republic where there are mechanisms in place to blunt the claws of true democracy. Mubarak's dictatorship served a similar function, preventing the dangerous radicals from gaining a toehold in Egypt's government. Those mechanisms just went out the window. Will Egypt as a country survive? Will the peace between Israel and Egypt? I do not know but I fear for the worst.


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