Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Why I am glad Blanche Lincoln won her Primary

Ok, as soon as you clean up the beverage you just spewed all over your keyboard and monitor, I'll explain.

Done? Ok, here goes.

You see had she lost her primary she would be a complete lame duck. Lame ducks have nothing to lose so they have a tendency to do whatever the hell they want and screw the consequences. Given the last year and a half, I think you can understand why a member of Congress or the Senate doing whatever the hell they like and screwing the consequences is a bad idea. So it is better that she survives the Primary only to have her arse handed to her in November. She'll still have November and December to screw us all in the ass, but that is better than six whole months worth. She obviously still believes that she has a snowball's chance in hell of keeping her job so she is going to run to the middle every chance she gets to keep from pissing off the voters any worse than they already are. We DO have some important things coming up in a few months, like a certain Supreme Court nomination....


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