Friday, February 06, 2009

Supply and demand in the marketplace of fear.

I had occasion today to go in search of ammunition for two of my guns. My daughter (finally!) and her friend have expressed interest in learning to shoot. I had up to this point despaired that my eldest daughter would ever learn the important skill of being able to put lead on target. She is growing up now. She is growing into a gorgeous young woman. She is on occasion at home alone. She will at some point have to deal with someone who does not want to take no for an answer or thinks that because she is a diminutive girl she would make for an easy victim. I have been worried that her only defense would be calling 911 and letting the operator listen in during her rape and/or murder. So when her friend expressed an earnest interest in things that go boom, I was overjoyed to see her express a similar interest, if only to go along with her friend. I suspect her prior refusal stemmed from her thinking that it is not a "girl" thing, so when her friend showed her that it was OK for a girl to like guns, her attitude made a 180 degree about face. I'm not proud, I'll take my teaching moments wherever I can find them. If I can just get her to learn the four rules, and the manual of arms for the guns she is strong enough to handle, and some rudimentary marksmanship skills, I'll be happy. It might just save her life one day. But I digress....

Ammunition is scarce in this town. NOBODY has any. I went to four different stores to buy ammo for two different guns today. Along the way I got what I feel was a pretty good deal, but the fact remains that handgun calibers especially are is very short supply. The shelves were exceedingly bare everywhere I went and popular calibers like .22LR, .45 ACP, 9mm, .40 S&W, .38 special, and .357 magnum were all noticeably missing from the shelves. I found what I believe to be the LAST box of .380 Auto on this side of town, and certainly the only box in a 15 mile radius. So instead of spending a lot of time with that weapon, we will be focusing mostly on the Ruger MkII. I may let each of them fire off a couple magazines each, just to let them get a feel for the somewhat more powerful weapon, but they won't be shooting it a lot. Surprisingly Wally World was the only purveyor that had ANY .380 ammo, and they had the best selection of .22LR ammo, of all the emporiums I visited today. They also had a wicked deal on the ammo too. They had 500 rounds of high velocity 38 grain hollow point Winchester XpertHV ammo for under 13 bucks a box. I bought a similar 500 round brick of Winchester White Box Wildcat ball ammo at Gander Mountain and paid over $20 bucks only a month ago, and that was on sale. At this price, and given the shortage, and of course the constant droning of Obama about gun control measures through ammo restrictions, I decided to stock up while I still could, despite my current financial straits. I was given various excuses as to why the supply was low, but I suspect the Obama gun control scare is behind a lot of it. I don't think the ammo manufacturers (who all close up for the entire month of December every year) and their wholesale customers expected this amount of hysteria and outright fear. And Obama hasn't given anyone any indication that he will back off his gun control agenda, so the fear grows by the day.

All I can say is, when the revolution comes, I will be prepared to defend my life and my property and the lives and property of my loved ones from tyranny.

Will you be?


Blogger Rorschach said...

Jean posted the following comment but me and my fat fingers accidentally rejected it when I meant to approve it:

"She will at some point have to deal with someone who does not want to take no for an answer or thinks that because she is a diminutive girl she would make for an easy victim."

Why do you think that? Has that happened to every girl/woman you've ever known or met?

Why don't you put her in a class to learn karate or some other personal defense mechanism besides just learning how to use a gun?

Surely she won't be "carrying" all the time.

I commend you on your devotion to your family's safety and respect your right to bear arms, and the importance of teaching safety to your children.

It's a big bad scary world, and you can't always trust law enforcement to do the right thing.

(FYI - I don't own a gun, but I can't afford one right now anyway).

Go Rorsch!

February 09, 2009 4:37 PM  
Blogger Rorschach said...

Jean, I think every woman has at one point or another come across a guy who does not want to take no for an answer. They might not be aggressive enough to actually assault them, but you just never know now do you? I seem to recall (vaguely) that statistically, over half of all women have been assaulted (not necessarily raped, but roughed up) at some point in their lives.

February 09, 2009 4:42 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

"I seem to recall (vaguely) that statistically, over half of all women have been assaulted.."

It could well be more than that, Rorsch. It would naive to think that nothing could happen, and some guys think they have a right to trample on a woman just because they can. I have been assaulted, without provocation, too, sad to say.

February 09, 2009 4:56 PM  
Blogger Jean said...

Speaking about fear....

February 12, 2009 7:05 AM  

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