Friday, October 10, 2008

Ms. Georggson's ethical lapses: part deux.

Seems another twist in the long and sordid tale of Ms. Georggson's ethical lapses has turned up. An anonymous source within the Mighty Chron tipped me off to this. Texas Appleseed is a liberal charity made up of lawyers seeking "social justice", whatever the hell that is. On 11-22-07 one of the Chronicle's notoriously anonymous editorials sang the praises of Texas Appleseed. Three guesses who is a major contributor to the organization? Yep, you guessed it, Jonas and Andrea Georgsson. Did she write the editorial? Probably, but proving it might be difficult unless someone within the organization is willing to corroborate.

That in of itself would appear to potentially violate the ethics rules as well, but you see there is more to it. The source tells me:
"Ron Lewis is the chair of Texas Appleseed. He also was the author of a mass e-mail urging local attorneys to vote for his "good friend" David Mincberg in the Houston Bar poll. (It didn't work; Mincberg lost.)"
So again, we circle back around to yet another connection to Mincberg. Now granted this is not an indictment of Mincberg, who while I think he is as corrupt and ineffective as a leader can be, I am not saying he has any ethical baggage in this instance, the blame clearly goes to Georgsson.

I have been informed that my source was misinformed/confused, the person that sent out the email blast was NOT Ron Lewis, it was Ron Franklin.


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