Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Contemplating Evil

The story of Baby Reilly/Baby Grace is really getting to me. It is making me physically ill to think about it. I've been through the "terrible twos" twice, once with a very headstrong child. It was exceedingly trying and there were times when I scared myself as to how angry I got. I think every parent has been there. But NEVER EVER have I contemplated ANYTHING this cruel and brutal, even for another adult, much less a 2 year old child. I suspect we still have not gotten the whole story from the admissions Trenor has made. I have to wonder if Zeigler was attempting to molest her and did so much physical damage to the child that she was screaming and fighting uncontrollably and there was no way that the child's injuries could be explained by anything but molestation. Zeigler, deciding that the child could not be allowed to live, inflicted the skull fractures, the suffocation, and the drugging in order to gain control of the situation. The reason I wonder about that is the fact that they kept the body for months before they disposed of it and the utter indifference both showed towards the child's suffering and the child's dead body afterwards. Most "sane" murderers attempt to distance themselves from the bodies of their victims as much and as quickly as possible and eliminate as many links to the victim as possible. Keeping a rotting corpse in the Houston heat for months was highly likely to draw attention to them. It is frankly amazing that nobody investigated what must have been an extremely sickening smell and wondered what was smelling so badly. Those who keep mementos of their kills are usually psychopaths that enjoy the very act of killing, vs those who kill for more conventional reasons. The keeping of the body combined with the internet relationship and the very quick move, marriage, and killing makes me wonder if this was planned all along by Zeigler. And I think she was at the least a passive conspirator in it, if not an active participant. It would sicken me, but not surprise me, if turned out that she was aware of his plans and offered up her daughter as a kind of "human sacrifice" in order to buy his love. Zeigler was apparently a very controlling person, Trenor was apparently submissive and may have come under his thrall much the same way hostages can come to identify with their captors or battered wives come to identify with and defend their abusive husbands. It is a form of mind control. Does that excuse her actions? Not in the least. What is further disturbing is that She is apparently pregnant with Zeigler's child. Had they not been caught, I have to wonder what this child's fate would have been at his and her hands. Would it have been their next victim? I suspect the answer would be yes. I sincerely hope that the Galveston County DA's office charges both of them with Capitol Murder, a Jury of 12 convicts them, and they are quickly executed. Such evil cannot be allowed to continue to live.


Anonymous said...

Amen!! It's already been said that should her current pregnancy come to term that any child born will NEVER remain in her custody!

November 29, 2007 3:12 PM  
Blogger american woman said...

Well said!

November 29, 2007 4:59 PM  

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