Monday, June 11, 2007

The REAL reason why the immigration bill refuses to die.

I have long suspected that the real reason why our politicians refuse to enforce the border have absolutely nothing to do with the need for cheap labor. The reason I thought so was that the whole "cheap labor" excuse breaks down when critically examined.

Workers that were working for cash under the table might be cheap, but only as long as they continue to work for cash under the table. Once they become legal, they will pay Social Security and Income Tax and Workman's comp. All the things that make them cheap and disposable go away.

Another argument we are given is that we need new workers coming into the country to keep the Social Security Ponzi scheme going. But again, that argument falls apart too when you look at it with a critical eye. As long as illegals work using fake or stolen SSN's, they are paying money into the SS system with no chance at ever recovering the money. Once they become legal, the contributions they make will come with strings attached. They will be eligible to draw upon that money as well, increasing the deficit.

Therefore logically, it is clear then that the reasons we are being given are not the operative ones. So what possibly could be driving this then? I'm a firm believer in following the bouncing buck. And no cross-border business concern is richer than drug smuggling. They have so much money to spend that it would dwarf the operating deficit of any country on the planet, possibly even ALL of them. That is a lot of stinking money. Money enough that they can buy lots of political influence.

There is a military axiom that states that you must assume the enemy will use his resources to the maximum extent possible and you should therefore base your plans on what he CAN do, not what you think he WILL do. Therefore it is reasonable to assume that the drug cartels will use their massive bankroll to buy as many of our politicians as possible to ensure a favorable business climate. They may be evil, but they are not stupid. I have always suspected as much but I've never had real proof before. The travesty committed by Johnny Sutton against the border patrol agents has been strong circumstantial evidence but it was just that, circumstantial. But now I do have evidence. A Customs enforcement agent working to bust a major smuggling pipeline working through the railroads carrying between 5-9 TONS of contraband PER RAIL CAR was undermined and shut down by the customs agency itself. And the careers of the Customs agents that tried to buck the status quo have been ruined.

All the politicians fighting to undermine border enforcement need to have their campaign contributions looked at VERY CLOSELY.


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