Friday, April 06, 2007

Mr. Rosenthal, What part of NO do you not understand? Part II

Last year, I opined about how Chuck Rosenthal refuses to abide by an amendment to the "traveling" statute to clarify that barring the commission of a felony, a motorist with a concealed weapon in his vehicle is entitled to do so and is to be considered traveling for purposes of the statute. In February, Keith Patton, a 51 year old Oilfield Geologist from Katy was pulled over. The Officer asked for his license and proof of insurance which was in a gym back on the floor board of the back seat of his red Ford Explorer, under the bag was a .357 magnum that he had just purchased from a coworker. Patton duly informed the officer that the gun was under the bag. Patton was summarily handcuffed, arrested, and his gun taken away. He was charged with unlicensed carrying of a weapon. Both the NRA through the Texas Rifle Association, and the ACLU (yes, I feel the fabric of space-time tearing apart as well.) have teamed up to help fight this kind of injustice. But it comes too late for Mr Patton:

That view was small comfort to Mr. Patton, who won dismissal of his charges but spent a night in jail and was out not only his $300 pistol but also $1,500 to his lawyer, Samuel Cammack III, and $268 for the towing and impoundment fee for his Ford Explorer.

Almost worse was the mortification. “Everyone thinks this is the Wild West,” Mr. Patton said. “My dad was incredulous. He said, ‘I thought you lived in Texas.’

Yet another story you won't read in the Chronicle....

The House bill has passed out of committee and is on the calendar to be voted on by the full house. The companion Senate bill is still in the Criminal Justice Committee make sure and contact the following Senators and let them know you want this bill passed.

Sen. John Whitmire

Sen. Kel Seliger

Sen. John Carona

Sen. Bob Deuell

Sen. Rodney Ellis

Sen. Glenn Hegar

Sen. Juan Hinojosa

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Anonymous Royko said...

It looks as if the committee is controlled by the looney liberal left. How can citizens ever find justice while mired in the Socialist-oriented bureaucracy.

The Harris County DA is a "Bad Ass" going after citizens who merely wish to protect themselves, loved ones and personal property, yet hides under his desk when it comes to challenging the abuses by City or METRO.

April 07, 2007 2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

HPD wants to make all of us criminals, and our DAs and Judges bend the laws to suit their heavy court agendas.

Sometimes I wish I didn't live in Texas. But I doubt it's much better anywhere else. I've written more to my legislators the past several months than I've ever written. And you know what? They just don't give a damn.

I'm sure there were lobbyists pushing for this bill. So few that actually serve the public.

April 08, 2007 10:46 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I wonder if Mr. Chuck will prosecute other crimes this vigorously?

On the other hand the guy was stupid to put the gun under the gym bag...

April 10, 2007 9:57 AM  

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