Wednesday, January 24, 2007

State of the Union Report Card

Text of the Speech can be found here.

Balance Federal Budget by restraining spending. A+

Cut out Earmarks. A+

Social Security/Medicare/Medicaid Reform. Nothing but smoke here. All three are Ponzi Schemes that should never have been implemented if you ask me. Adding Medicare part D was stupid when we already knew the system was bankrupt. We should have implemented the reforms 6 years ago, but the Dems and the AARP complained then too. Doubt anything will change. D-/F+

Reauthorization of No Child Left Behind. The program has both good points and bad points but the biggest problem is that it tries implement a central command and control education economy. Typical socialist bullshit. C-

Healthcare insurance reforms. Tax deduction for health insurance: Good. Expansion of Heath care savings accounts: Good. Federal subsidies for state supported insurance: Conflicted. Too much of that goes to illegal aliens, and the libertarian in me balks at the whole concept that it is somehow government's responsibility (and by extension MY responsibility enforced by the threat of incarceration) to take care of people. On the flip side, much of that healthcare going to illegals is mandated by federal law, so if they are forcing us to do it, they should pay for it. But of course part of that money is mine to begin with, but part of it is also coming from Wisconsin and Minnesota and Massachusetts, and other libtard strongholds too, so they get to feel some of the pain as well. It had been rumored that he was going to propose that the employer paid portion of the premium would be counted as taxable income, and although he did not specifically state that, he may still be planning it. If so, that would fall in the Very Bad category. On the whole, I'd give this one a B-, based on what was said. If you include stuff he may be planning but left unsaid, I'd give it a C-.

Immigration. If he does what he says he will do, B+. If he does what I expect him to do, F- (0%), any takers as to which one he actually does? my money is on the F- side. Way too much talk and way too little action so far and I'm not holding my breath. We are being invaded and he's been too busy putting rosin on his violin bow to care.

Energy policy. The one thing you'd think he'd have a clue on, total waste of time. 35 Billion Gallons of Ethanol and BioWillie? He's been partying with Willie Nelson too damned much. No mention of Nukes. No mention of Methanol or Natural gas or drilling in ANWAR, Florida or California. No mention of Methane Hydrates. D+

Conservative Judges? You mean like Harriet Meirs? C-

WOT. A-/B+

Nuclear brinkmanship in Iran and NK. D-. any plan having anything to do with the UN or China or Russia is wasted time and plays into their hands. China and Russia are the ones SELLING TO THEM! The UN is a waste of air.

Aid to Africa, D-. Africa has been getting trillions of dollars in AID from all over the world for years and it is still a cesspool. Waste of money if you ask me. Africa will emerge from it's troubles when it gets rid of the warlords, the socialists/communists, and the dictators and not a minute before.

I figure he gets a D+ overall.


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