Friday, December 30, 2005

Chronicle has news flash! Only demographic that died disproportionately in Katrina were old!

In today's Chronicle, there is a Knight-Ridder wire article that states that the only demographic that died more often than any other (and by a very wide margin I might add) were over 60 years old. Around 74% of those so far identified were over 60 years old. And before you think that they were poor and had no transportation, most of those who died that were not confined to a hospital or nursing home died with thier cars still sitting in thier driveways. That means they just did not believe that there was any danger and did not bother to try to get to higher ground, at least not until it was too late. This is yet more proof that Darwin was right, the stupid will be removed from the gene pool by thier own hand. Unfortunately, the cleaning of the pool filter came too late to stop the spread of the contamination.

To my loyal readers this should sound familiar. If so, this is why. You see, this is not "news", this is "olds" as the bH crew likes to call it. I reported this nearly a month ago, why did it take so long for the MSM to catch on?


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