Friday, November 04, 2005

Finally an Immigration proposal I am happy to support!

Today the Chronicle did a story on a proposal by Duncan Hunter, a Republican from California that finally sounds like someone in DC woke up and smelled the refried beans. He's calling for a fence running from the Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico, stepped up enforcement of hiring practices, stronger penalties for those who do hire illegals, faster deportations and nowhere does the words "guest worker" or "Amnesty" appear. There is only one problem, it tries to eliminate the anchor baby problem by denying automatic citizenship via birth, the problem is that THAT is codified in the 14th ammendment. to undo that (which I think is an excellent idea) it is going to take more than a federal law, it is going to take a constitutional ammendment. Sadly, I don't see that happening. But even if that wasn't part of the bill, the rest is a very good step in the right direction which is of course why congress will never EVER do this, it makes too much sense.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

BIG companies seem to like in-sourcing:

Someone I briefly knew through the internet told me in chat that a very popular jeans company in OK had a LOT of employees that the locals suspected weren't legal. I think they told me that some locals confronted the jeans company about that, and many employees 'disappeared' afterwards.

Someone I know VERY good saw after-the-fact paperwork for 'rounded up illegals' that worked for a big chicken company. The person allegedly doing the 'rounding up' and paperwork no longer works there, but it wasn't related to those activities.

Easy citizenship for babies:

I KNEW someone that was rumored to be housing their pregnant friends from another country (from another continent) until they delivered here. While I can't go into more detail, I will say that I did personally see a few of the new moms with their babies that they allegedly let stay with them a few months before delivery.

We're just another France waiting to happen!

November 06, 2005 11:21 PM  

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