Monday, September 05, 2005

How do you take the money without getting tangled in the strings?

The other day, LST posted the statement of Muhammad Yousef Al-Mlaifi of the Ministry of Endowment from Kuwait that basically said Katrina was the Hand of Allah smiting the unbelievers and that it is our own fault that we can't take care of the people in NOLA because we spent so much money fighing in Iraq and Afghanistan. Today Kuwait pledged $500 million for Katrina relief. I would like to remind Mr. Al-Mlaifi that it was not that long ago that Kuwait had become Saddam Hussein's private beach, and the Kuwaiti women were being systematically raped by his sons. Apparently Mr. Al-Mlaifi does not recall the lists of the Kuwaiti "disappeared" that were found after we took control of Abu Gharib prison. Not to mention the videos of what happened in the "rape rooms". And the gold and jewelry found in Hussein's vaults. I guess saving thier (unclean by islamic law!) bacon was ill advised as well.....


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