Friday, January 20, 2012

The swath of death widens, but the story just won't die.

Back in July 2008, I wrote a post about Larry Sinclair, Donald Young, Larry Bland, Nathaniel Spencer and their connection to Barack Obama. Since then, the story has both refused to die, as well as expanded. Wayne Madsen posted a story about Donald Young's mother's contention that Obama's organization murdered him. Now an eyewitness account of a gay sex encounter between Donald Young and Barack Obama has come to light, and conveniently, the woman who saw it has died under questionable circumstances. Now, the way I see it, there are at least two, possibly as many as four, people dead to try to bury this story, but the story just won't die. You know what they say: It isn't the original crime that gets you, it is the cover up, but in this case, it just might be both.