Monday, June 29, 2009

The unmitigated gall of the GOP Congressional Committee!

Yesterday, Congress, in it's infinite stupidity, passed what is in effect a 1500 page economic suicide note, sight unseen. To accomplish this task of monumental treason, EIGHT "Republican" congresscritters voted with the Dims. Without those eight, there was no way the bill would have passed the House. But today I received THIS email from GOPUSA trying to make it out as the DEMS FAULT that the bill passed the House.

Do these people actually think that we are THAT FREAKING STUPID!?!

Here is what I replied back:

I just received your email trying to blame the Dems for passing the Economic Suicide Pact of 2009 (aka Waxman-Markey).
But last time I checked it was 8 idiots on our side of the aisle that voted with the morons to kill this country. When Pete Sessions learns to beat the sh!t out of these freaking idiots and get them in line MAYBE you can have some of my money, until then, F#CK OFF!!

Michael Jackson's kids

There is a report on a tabloid website that indicates that Deborah Rowe made a statement that Jackson was not the biological father of the children that Jackson has been raising. Given Jackson's obvious lack of masculine development over the years, there has been widespread speculation that Jackson may have been emasculated as a child to prevent puberty from changing Jackson's voice and thereby extending his career as a child singer. Joe Jackson's actions over the years and rumors concerning his verbal and physical abuse of Michael would tend to support the theory that Joe may have ordered his youngest son's emasculation as a means to milk his child's career for as long as possible. The practice of emasculating child singers is a long standing one. Such eunuchs were usually emotional wrecks which stands to reason given that they were denied the ability to ever truly grow up. Michael Jackson's fixation on never growing up and his fixation on children, especially male children, would further reinforce the speculation that he was not a man in the biological sense of the word. There is strong evidence that indicates that sexual trauma during the pre-pubescent developmental stage is a leading causative factor in the development of both homosexuality as well as pedophilia. What worse sexual trauma could one do to your child than to emasculate him, especially if the child knew you made the conscious decision to do so and suspected it was for your own ends? If this is the case (and the autopsy results should prove that out if they ever were publicly available)then one could make a strong argument that Joe Jackson should not be allowed within 100 miles of these kids.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Iran Protest Fauxtography

Apparently Ahmadinejad is not as well supported as he and the official Iranian news agency claims. Remember that missile launch image that had been photoshopped to hide the fact that some of the missiles failed to fire? Yeah, well, apparently they have expanded their wicked photoshopping skilz to include replicating "protesters" in a crowd of "millions". I like how they have filled the image with flags (the same ones from multiple sequential images looks like to me) and then replicated them all over the crowd with a few faces stuck around (and apparently unevenly lighted, as if they came from different pictures from different times.)to make it look like an actual crowd...

H/T Conservative Grapevine

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sex, Lies, and Politics, Part 258 Gazillion (updated)

Politicians, by their very nature are psychologically dysfunctional individuals. They need constant adoration from the voters while simultaneously needing to control people, things, and money. I'm sure this megalomania probably influences their personal lives as well. It is not uncommon to hear of politicians that get involved in extramarital affairs of one sort or another. In fact if truth be known, you'd probably find that virtually all politicians have some extramarital adventures in their closet, or some other (mostly dominant) sexual kink. I think it is probable that most have some severe control issues at a minimum. They are probably all ripe for a long stint on a psychiatrist's couch to be honest. Along the same vein, most all of them have addictive personalities, in which they become addicted to booze, gambling, drugs, sex, or more than one. So to find that yet another politician has found himself in a sexual imbroglio is really not all that surprising, or even disturbing to me. Hell, I'm frankly surprised it was straight consensual heterosexual sex without the promise of remuneration.

The surprise is in how he handled it. Most politicians, when confronted with a blackmail attempt will capitulate to the demands of the blackmailer because they NEED to stay in power and such exposure is usually not compatible with that. The fact that he came forward and admitted it does at least say something about the way he approaches his moral failings.

Now, let us be clear here. One of the things that sets Conservatives apart from Liberals is a moral code. Many Liberals subscribe to moral relativism such that nothing is absolutely right and nothing is absolutely wrong, everything is a shade of gray. I would suggest that conservatives should be given the credit that at least they have morals that the subscribe to, even if they do not always abide by them. They at least have a code by which they judge themselves. If you have no absolute standard of morality, you cannot judge yourself against it. Everything is relative.

UPDATE: One other point that has come to light. Apparently the affair occurred during a time when Ensign and his wife were legally separated. So as far as violating his marriage vows go, that is debatable. Under the law in most states, when you are filing for divorce, you may not claim infidelity as a reason for divorce for any affairs that occur after the couple has legally separated. The law recognizes that the marriage vows are no longer operative at that point. Now, he should have known better to get involved with a woman who was still married, but she chose to violate her vows, he apparently did not.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

A new weapons ban has already begun

They aren't just coming for your guns, now they are coming for your pocket knife too! The Obama Administration's Customs Service has quietly proposed withdrawing earlier rulings that defined knives that were able to be opened one-handed, such as knives with thumb studs or other opening-assist devices as "switchblades" and are no longer importable or transportable across state lines. This change has a domino effect because most state knife laws use the federal definition of a "switchblade" to define what knives are legal as well. This affects 80% of all pocket knives sold in the US.

H/T Alphecca and The Volokh Conspiracy

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Planes Trains and Automobiles

Or how to destroy your competition through political payola.

Carter Clews has some simple words for Congressmen who were paid off by UPS in order to insert language into a bill that guts FedEx, and they are not nice ones. Apparently there is a reason why they wear brown shirts....

Monday, June 08, 2009

Are You Feeling Stimulated?

The "Stimulus" bill was supposed to prevent joblessness from reaching more than 8%, we are now at 9.4% and climbing. Obama is touting 150,000 jobs he supposedly "saved" while in actuality 2.19 MILLION have been lost since Obama took office. He is claiming he will save 600,000 in the next 100 days. But given the graph below, I really have to ask myself if this dipshit has a freaking clue.

H/T Redstate

Saturday, June 06, 2009

Damned if you do....

Yet again, HPD's STUPID, MORONIC, ASININE chase policy has reared it's ugly head. A suspect who led police on a high speed chase through north Houston last week after hitting a number of police vehicles with his hood folded over the windshield such that the subject could not see. The suspect was about to enter a school zone when HDP sergeant Edwin Lacourt violated written chase policy and brought the chase to a safe end by performing a PIT maneuver before the vehicle entered the school zone and endangered kids. A PIT maneuver is where a chasing vehicle put's it's front bumper even with the rear wheel of the fleeing vehicle and then turns into the vehicle, causing the rear wheels to lose traction and the driver to lose control of the vehicle. The vehicle spins perpendicular with the chase vehicle and is essentially t-boned by the chase vehicle. It is a well documented chase ending procedure used all over the country. The DPS has the authority to use the maneuver, but apparently HPD does not, but they should. As a result of the violation of policy, the sergeant is being disciplined. This is not right. He did what was neccesarry to protect the lives of innocents. He should not be punished for saving lives just because it violates some asinine policy witten by some desk-bound butt-kissing hack that has never patrolled a beat in their worthless freaking lives. If anybody needs to be punished it is the moron that wrote the policy and his or her worthless freaking boss that is too busy sucking on the mayor's crank to actually run the department.

Monday, June 01, 2009

Airbus, GM, Chrysler, Government Ownership, and Safety

Today we have word of another aircraft crashing due to electrical problems. Since the SwissAir 111 crash, and in fact, even before then, aircraft manufacturers have known that there was a problem with electrical wiring used on aircraft. In the mid 1990's, a wiring system was finally found by Boeing that finally addressed these problems. Since 1996, all new Boeing aircraft have used "TKT" wiring, which is a composite of a Teflon inner insulator, a Kapton intermediate layer, and a Teflon outer layer. This solves all of Kapton's problems and introduces none of Teflon's own problems. But it wasn't until 2005 that Airbus changed ALL of their wiring to a similar "TKT" construction. For years Airbus continued to use Kapton wiring in it's in-flight entertainment systems despite it's known failure modes.

It was the In-flight entertainment system wiring that is believed to have been the ignition source in SwissAir 111. To make matters worse, all Airbus aircraft (and many new Boeing products) are "Fly by Wire" aircraft, meaning there is no physical connection between the flight controls and the flight control surfaces. These aircraft designs are aerodynamically unstable and could not be flown by a human without computer assistance. Therefore, loss of electrical power or flight computer connectivity in the flight control system will result in the loss of the aircraft virtually 100% of the time. This compounds Airbus's culpability. They KNEW the wiring they were using was faulty and they CONTINUED to use it, in an aircraft design that was inherently SUSCEPTIBLE to wiring failure. All of the Airbus aircraft built prior to 2005 has this type of wiring in it.

You are probably asking how this relates to GM and government ownership. It is simple, EADS, which is the parent company of Airbus is a government controlled monopoly owned by the French Government, the Spanish Government , the German Government, and formerly the British Government. Therefore they are essentially immune to government restrictions or lawsuits. They enjoy what is essentially sovereign immunity from prosecution. Therefore they could continue to use kapton wiring, which was lighter and cheaper, than what Boeing was using, and undercut Boeing's price, without fear that they would suffer any repercussions.

GM and Chrysler both are about to become Government owned entities. The Obama Administration has further decreed that all auto manufacturers must meet new mileage standards that will be difficult to meet without compromising crash safety. But GM and Chrysler won't have to worry about that because the government will not pursue any enforcement action against them if they fail to meet either crash safety or fuel efficiency standards. The government has their backs.