Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The UN Stars are aligning....

UN Peacekeepers/disaster relief workers have been accused of widespread sexual abuse of children.

Perhaps that is why the UN has put distributing condoms and abortion supplies in Myanmar at the top of it's disaster relief program.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

We've seen this movie before... It is called "Hugo Chavez in Venezuela"


Hat Tip Allahpundit at Hot Air

Friday, May 23, 2008

Core Tech to Apple: Mark this on your calender!

Security researchers at Core Technologies identified three critical holes in Apple's iCal application that is bundled with OSX that could allow attackers to run arbitrary code, potentially without the user's intervention. As the ethical security professionals they are, they contacted Apple about the problems. Apple sat on their hands and did nothing. Core got angry and told Apple that they were going to publish their data on May 21st whether Apple had fixed the problem or not.

Apple still has not repaired the security breaches.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

New Caney teen murdered, left on railroad tracks.

On May 9th, a 17 year old New Caney High School Student was found dead, lying on railroad tracks. It was thought at the time that the teen died when a train ran over him. That is apparently not the case, it is a case of murder. I am told that the teen attended a party and drank a drink that was intended for another, female, teen. The drink had been tampered with and contained GHB, also known as Rohypnol or "Roofies" or "the date rape drug". When the teen passed out, the persons responsible were unable to detect a pulse and panicked. They decided to try to cover up the accidental poisoning by leaving the body on the tracks, thinking that if the authorities found a mangled body that had been run over by a train, they would not bother to look any farther than that for an explanation. Apparently these kids had never watched CSI. To my knowledge no arrests have been made, but a number of teens have been questioned about the events that occurred at the party.

Nuff Said

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

The Lingering Death of New Orleans

Back in 2005, I posted an article entitled "The Death of New Orleans". In that article, I warned that rebuilding the levees and the houses without raising them above sea level was a recipe for disaster. Then a bit later I posted another article about what went wrong with the levee entitled "Levee liabilities; What went wrong." in which I linked to data that indicated that not only was the original levee work not performed to print, but the the design itself was flawed due to a misread soil report that indicated a impermeable clay layer at a depth of 20 feet, when in fact the clay layer was much deeper. And that even if the layer had been where the designers thought it was, AND the sheet piling which was the foundation for the levee had been driven as deep as the print called for, it still would have buckled and failed due to too much weight on it and too little support from the water saturated unconsolidated silt that the wall was deriving it's support from. If water is ever allowed to percolate under the levee, it WILL fail.

The 17th street levee, after $22 million dollars worth of repairs is already leaking and is in danger of failure. $14 billion dollars has been allocated to repair and rebuild the levee system, to date $4 billion has been spent to what purpose?

I will say it again, the low spots of NOLA should have been bulldozed, the land should have been built up using dredged silt from the river, and then, and ONLY then should rebuilding be allowed to occur. Had this been done from the outset, NOLA would be safe now.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Breaking the Chains....of Custody

One of the biggest issues people have with electronic voting is the fact that the votes can be manipulated if an entity has unfettered access to the equipment. The primary means with which the fairness of an election held by electronic means is maintained is physical security of the equipment. It is a longstanding precept of computer security that if you have physical access to the machine for a long enough period of time, the machine can eventually be compromised. Depending on the machine's design, that time frame can be very short, on the order of just a few minutes in some instances.

Therefore, whenever the county holds an election, the Election Judge, the Assistant Judge, and the county election technology office take extreme pains to ensure that the chain of custody for the Judges Booth Controller(s), is maintained at all times. When I pick up the election materials, I must verify that the MBB seals on the JBC's are in tact, I must record that number, along with the serial number of the JBC along with the serial number of a seal that I apply to the box containing the JBC on a form and it must be witnessed and co-signed by the Election technology employee. Then I am responsible for the JBC and I must not let it out of my control until election day morning when my Assistant must witness me cutting the box seal, verifying that the JBC seal is still in tact and has the correct number and that the serial number of the JBC is correct. Again, that person countersigns on a form. I then print out what is known as a "zero tape" showing any votes that may already recorded on it. That tape should come out all zeros and myself and my Assistant must verify that is the case before we open the polls. Then at the end of the day, the process is repeated in reverse. At no time is the JBC out of the sight of either myself or my Assistant.

This is called the "chain of custody", and if there is a problem with my precinct's votes, I and my assistant can be called into court to testify to the integrity of that chain of custody.

Klein ISD, Katy ISD, and Lone Star College District broke that chain of custody for every single vote cast. The JBC's were not picked up and signed for by the Election judges, they were delivered to the polling location some time before the election and in most cases left in publicly accessible areas a day or more before the election. Then again at the end of the day, due to poor training, many of the Election Judges left the JBC's on the storage racks along with the eSlates. Some JBC 's were missing for hours or in one instance I am told two days. Additionally many of the serial numbers of the JBC's returned did not match the numbers recorded by the district prior to delivery.

Interestingly, in the case of Klein ISD's bond election in which the $650 million dollar bond passed by a mere 312 votes. The JBCs from Brill Elementary were left at the polling location by the EJ necessitating the EJ to be escorted back to the school by the District police to retrieve the JBC. And coincidentally (or not) Brill had the highest "for" vote count of any of the polling places. Were that precinct's results challenged, the bond would have failed.

In Katy, there were several JBC's that were not turned in and were left unattended after the election, In the LSCS bond and trustee election 7 JBC's were unaccounted for for as long as a day or more.

ALL THREE of these election results are suspect. Why? Because all three districts played fast and loose with ballot security.

Abuse of charitable organization status

The IRS specifically forbids organizations holding 501C3 status from engaging in ANY political activity. That means that if any charitable organization uses any of it's money or resources to advance a political agenda or candidate (including endorsements), they are in violation of the law. The Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce holds just such a charitable designation. They have violated that designation. Below is an email sent out by the head of the Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce, Barbara Thomason, regarding the Lone Star College District Bonds:

----- Forwarded Message ----
From: "" <>
Sent: Monday, April 28, 2008 12:32:27 PM
Subject: Yard Signs for LSCS Bond - Vote YES

Chamber Friends,
May 10th is voting day for the Lone Star College System Bond. The Houston Northwest Chamber is a pick-up place for LSCS Bond Yard Signs. Pick up yours M-F, 8-5 at 14511 Falling Creek, Houston 77014.
Here are the Facts:
  • This bond was developed with input from the community.
  • The bond referendum will NOT increase the tax rate.
  • LSCS serves 50,000 students and is one of the fastest growing community colleges in the US.
  • LSCS has doubled in size since 2002.
  • LSCS educated 2/3 of the nurses in our area. This is an occupation in a critical shortage.
  • Property taxes for seniors 65 and older are frozen by law and will not increase.
If you still think it doesn't impact you or your community, read about the University Center planned for our specific area at
and pick up your yard sign today!
Barbara Thomason
Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce
This email was sent on behalf of Houston Northwest Chamber of Commerce by ChamberMaster, 14391 Edgewood Drive, Baxter, MN 56425. Report suspected email abuse by clicking here. If you have questions or comments concerning this email or ChamberMaster services in general, please contact us by email at

ChamberMaster is a registered trademark of MicroNet Incorporated.
This is a violation of their IRS charitable status and I am filing a complaint as soon as I hit "Publish Post".

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Post Deleted

Previously I posted a story that implicated an individual connected with the Klein ISD Bond program with bank fraud. To date I have found nothing to indicate my original story was fundamentally incorrect, but I have no other supporting information other than the original allegation made to me by a source that wishes to remain anonymous. No one would comment to the correctness or incorrectness of the allegation. The Individual threatened a lawsuit if I did not retract the post. New York Times v Sullivan puts the burden of proof for public figures at proving that the defendant knew the allegation was false. Since it is difficult to prove what is in a person's mind. this burden of proof is difficult to meet. In Gertz v Robert Welch Inc. the court ruled that for individuals who are not public figures, the burden of proof is for the plaintiff to show that the defendant was negligent in researching the story. By contacting the only two entities that would have knowledge of such an investigation, I believe I fulfilled my duty in that regard. I further made it clear that the individual had not been found guilty and that it was an allegation, not a fact. I still have no reason to believe the allegation made to me is incorrect. However, I am not a rich person. I cannot afford an expensive lawsuit to defend myself. Therefore, I have withdrawn my story. I feel confident that had I had unlimited funds to litigate this, I would have prevailed. But threats of litigation have silenced me.

Monday, May 05, 2008

Don't Let Darth Vader see this.....

Resemblance is uncanny is it not?

Cue the orchestra!

Hat tip Instapinch.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Congressional Malpractice

Imagine that you are a congressman, you are also a trained and practicing doctor. You are presented with a bill that would make discrimination on the basis of genetic testing for employment or insurance coverage illegal. Finally women with a family history of breast cancer can be tested for the BRCA-1 and BRCA-2 genes without fear of losing their health coverage or being denied a job. Finally women don't have to make the choice of getting genetic testing but possibly losing their insurance or job, or just getting a preventative double mastectomy on the CHANCE that they MIGHT have the gene for breast cancer. And it isn't just breast cancer, it is Sickle Cell disease, and Diabetes, Heart Disease, Prostate Cancer, and all kinds of other things too.

The Senate has already approved it on a 95-0 vote. How would YOU vote?

If you are Dr. Ron Paul, you would be the lone vote against it.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

Houston, We have a (LSCS) Problem!

Lone Star College District has a small problem. They want to have a 420 million dollar bond package passed next week. A big chunk of that bond package is earmarked to pay for expansion and new construction at the North Harris College facility. The feds however have told the City of Houston that unless the city implements a land use ordinance restricting virtually all new construction within a buffer zone around the airports, they will lose federal funding. Since Mayor White has never met a revenue stream he didn't like and he just loves the idea of land use restrictions, he JUMPED at the chance to implement zoning when the Feds brought it up. The city is now actively writing just such a zoning ordinance, and the odds are, that since the Feds are pushing this, it will happen. The only questions now are, will the bond pass? If so, how will the college system spend the money since they will be unable to do any new construction under this ordinance?

How much are we paying this moron again?

The director of the CIA, Michael Hayden has had an epiphany. He now realizes that it is the policy of the Iranian Government to kill Americans in Iraq.

No kidding. He has just now come to that conclusion. Let's see, when was that little skirmish in the American Embassy in Tehran again? Oh yeah, November 4 1979! I remember that... That was what, almost 30 years ago! What was it that they were yelling then? Hmm... wasn't it "Death to America"? I do believe it was! And who is it that have been supplying the Iraqi insurgents with IED's and Explosively Formed Penetrators? Wasn't it Iran? I do believe it was!

What a freaking assclown....